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API Overview

At trakt, we collect lots of interesting information about what tv shows and movies everyone is watching. Part of the fun with such data is making it available for anyone to mash up and use on their own site or app. The trakt API was made just for this purpose. It is very easy to use, you basically call a URL and get some JSON back.

More complex API calls (such as adding a movie or show to you library) involve sending us data. These are still easy to use, you simply POST some JSON data to a specific URL. For more about the authentication required, check out this page.

Each available API method is listed in the sidebar. Complete details and examples are provided for each call.

Help with the API

We have setup a few resources specifically for the trakt API. We recommend following and subscribing so you can be notified of new API features and have a developer focused group to ask any API related questions.

twitter: @traktapi
google group: http://groups.google.com/group/traktapi

API Console

Check out the trakt API console for an easy way to test all of the available API methods. The console support basic authentication for any methods that use that. More details can be found in this thread from the trakt google group.



Any dates returned from the API (i.e. watched timestamps) are in the PST (GMT-8) timezone. Adjust accordingly on your end to your local timezone.

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