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This method requires a developer API key with scrobble permissions.


Notify trakt that a user has finished watching a show. This commits the show to the users profile. You should use show/watching prior to calling this method.



Supported formats


Supported request methods


Requires authentication

true (details)

Required Parameters

  • apikey

    Requires a developer API key. Details here.


    • username

      trakt username.

    • password

      SHA1 hash of trakt password.

    • tvdb_id

      TVDB ID for the show

      If you don't have the TVDB ID, make sure the title and year match trakt exactly.

    • title

      Show title.

    • year

      Show year.

    • season

      Show season. Send 0 if watching a special.

    • episode

      Show episode.

    • episode_tvdb_id (optional)

      TVDB ID for the specific episode. If not found, it will fall back to a show, season, and episode lookup.

    • duration

      Duration in minutes.

    • progress

      % progress, integer 0-100. It is recommended to call the watching API every 15 minutes, then call the scrobble API near the end of the show to lock it in.

    • plugin_version

      Internal version of your plugin. Make sure to increment this for each plugin update. Used to help debug your plugin.

    • media_center_version

      Version number of the media center, be as specific as you can including nightly build number, etc. Used to help debug your plugin.

    • media_center_date

      Build date of the media center. Used to help debug your plugin.


	"username": "username",
	"password": "sha1hash",
	"imdb_id": "tt1520211",
	"tvdb_id": 153021,
	"title": "The Walking Dead",
	"year": 2010,
	"season": 1,
	"episode": 1,
	"duration": 60,
	"progress": 25,
	"plugin_version": "1.0",
	"media_center_version": "10.0",
	"media_center_date": "Dec 17 2010"

Example Response

	"status": "success",
	"message": "scrobbled The Walking Dead 1x01",
		"title":"The Walking Dead",
		"title":"Days Gone Bye"
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