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MediaPortal turns your computer into a very advanced media center, or Home Theater PC (HTPC). Watch, schedule and record live TV. Play videos, movies, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Listen to music and so much more. Read more about MediaPortal »

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Live TV
trakt for MediaPortal features:
  • TV Show and Movie scrobbling, including Live TV broadcasts and recording
  • Synchronize your watched flags across multiple MediaPortal installations
  • Personal TV Show Calendar
  • TV Show premieres Calendar (useful to know when the next season of a show starts or to discover new shows)
  • See what TV Shows / Movies are currently trending
  • Personal TV Show / Movie recommendations
  • Personal Movie / TV Show / Episode watch list
  • Open MovingPictures details and play selected movie from watch list, recommendations, trending and friends watched history (this feature is only supported on MediaPortal 1.2 Beta)
  • Open My Videos Video Info window and play selected movie from watch list, recommendations, trending and friends watched history
  • Rate, add to library collection, and mark as watched on various trakt screens
  • Rate and add movies/shows to watch list from OnlineVideos Trailers and My Videos / My TV Video Info dialog
  • Trailer search from IMDb, iTunes or YouTube on any selected Movie (MediaPortal 1.2 Beta plus OnlineVideos must be installed)
  • Customize settings like Sign in and signup...all from the GUI!
  • Skinners have full flexibility to create custom icons on posters in thumb views and an abundance of skin properties to choose from
  • Plugins Supported: MediaPortal's My Videos, MP-TVSeries, MovingPictures, My Films, OnlineVideos, My Anime, 4TR TV, Argus TV, Recorded TV, Live TV
  • Skins Supported: aMPed, Avalon, Black Glass, Black Glass HD, Black Glass Nova, Black Glass Nova HD, Blue3, Blue3Wide, Default, DefaultWide, Frames, Mustayaluca, PureVisionHD, PureVisionHD (Blue), StreamedMP, Titan, Xtreme.

Install trakt for MediaPortal:
  1. If you don't have MediaPortal installed yet, download it here
  2. Download and install trakt for MediaPortal
  3. From MediaPortal Home screen, select trakt and go to Settings » Account Settings
  4. Either create a new account or sign in using your existing trakt account
  5. Back in the Settings menu, go to Plugins and enable the plugins you want to scrobble and sync
  6. Start watching shows and movies in MediaPortal, then use the trakt website to view your watched history, library collection, manage friends, and get social!
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