Bug (2002)

Runtime 86m

Released February 28, 2002

Languages English

Genres Comedy, Indie

Rating Unknown

Bug (2002)
A small boy squashing an insect sets in motion a series of events, large and small, that include a lost restaurant reservation, a drunken fender-bender, disruption of basic cable television service, and more than one relationship falling apart. One person's disaster becomes another's boon, and vice versa--because a man loses his job, a young girl becomes the lead ballerina in the school play, which in turn causes the death of a pet pig. These characters weave around Los Angeles and each other as seemingly mundane events fall into place, putting them on a collision course with a common fate and one heroic act of competence.
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I just saw this movie again for the first time in years and i have to say, it's just as good as the first time i watched it.

Everything in this movie falls perfect in place. From the guy and his girlfriend in the restaurant who doesn't have enough money to give the right tip to the waiter, who in turn doesn't have enough money to buy food for his baby, witch in turn keeps the guy and his girlfriend who didn't tip enough awake at night by the crying baby who by coincidence live right under the apartment of the waiter.

I don't know why not more people know this movie, because its pure gold. Everything that happens is happening because of some action somebody else earlier on made. Off course the people in the movie don't know about it, but we as the viewer get to see the entire picture of why things are happening the way they do.

One of the most funniest scenes in a movie i have ever seen is when the man on a television show is telling a story about a man in the overall who tries to help a sick dog and than with an actress does a scene about a bubble boy. The first time i saw it i had tears in my eyes from laughing.

This movie is one of the best if not the best indie movies i have ever seen. It's sad to see that almost no one knows about it.
Agreed. This is a great movie.

I thought i was about the only one who liked it. Mainly because of the fact that it's almost impossible to find a copy of it on the internet. I am glad to see more people are enjoying it.
One of the most underrated Movie I have seen =)
Just love this movie. The trail of cause and effect is very well done imho.
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