Hell (2011)

Runtime 89m

Released September 22, 2011

Languages German, French

Genres Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller

Rating R

Hell (2011)
In 2016 the sun has turned the entire world into a scorched and barren wasteland. The humans who have survived are either resourceful or violent, and sometimes both. Marie, her little sister Leonie, and best friend Phillip, are in a car headed to the mountains - rumor has it there is water there. Along the way they meet Tom, a first-rate mechanic. But can they trust him? Fraught with deep distrust, the group is lured into an ambush where their real battle for survival begins.
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It's ok for fans of apocalyptic settings. I would recommend the infinitely superior The Road however. That can be enjoyed as amazing cinema irrespective of genera alignment.
Which is wrong, ptxeixeira...
"hell" means "bright".
Saw this at Fantasporto tonight, great ambience, a little Fallout-esque, involving plot and characters.
Helped a little that the director was there and told the audience that Hell can be translated in German as "flash of light".
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