Project X (2012)

Runtime 88m

Released March 2, 2012

Languages English

Genres Comedy

Rating R

Project X (2012)
Three high school seniors throw a party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads.
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This movie stired up quite a lot of dust in the Netherlands.

A girl in a small town called Haren wanted to set up a birthday party through Facebook. But she forgot to set in the settings that the party was only meant for friends. So within a couple of days more than 50.000 people said that they would come. The police and the mayor of Haren and the Dutch media (who really balloned the whole thing up to what it eventually became) kept saying that there was no party, and that no one should come. Off course people wanted to test that out and came anyway.

The end result? No party off course, but instead massive riots by normal everyday students and "professional" hooligans that turned the small town upside down leaving behind several severe injured people, Burned out cars, millions of Euro's in damages and quite possibly a change in the Dutch constitution so that the hooligans can be more easily tracked down and pay for the damages they did.

All because a innocent girl forgot to cross off a setting to make her party private on Facebook....
Now that is a party if like to go to! A twist on the drunken teen movies - great!
My god. This is not what expected at all... Crazy crazy movie.

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One of my favourite all time films!
b bunch of assholes destroy a neighborhood. cool message for an already fucked up generation. thereĀ“s is absolutely noting good to say about this movie. pure trash.
Entertaining, but very unrealistic. Don't ever leave high school kids alone!
Now that is a party if like to go to! A twist on the drunken teen movies - great!
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