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The Awakening(2011)
333 votes
Rebecca Hall (Parade's End, wife of Christopher Tietjens played by Benedict Cumberbatch) plays in this paranormal film by the BBC.

20 votes
Great classic Samurai story. Reference to some later remakes like Death of a Samurai

Veronica Mars(2014)
459 votes
Loved it!

Starship Troopers(1997)
1,526 votes
Omg, childhood, i loved this movie, wheni was about 12 years old,and now, 10 years later, i watchedit again,and now i feel even more pleasure than before :))) Just feel bad because of Dizzy, she was soo great in this movie :( 10 for nostalgic feels.

Romantické rybaření v Jemenu

Not much of a war though

Adult World(2014)
76 votes
Evan Peters.You know what I mean?Evan Peters.

As soon as we see the title it suggests that you are going into a depressing film and this certainly is one. With a mysterious, melancholic and sometimes haunting atmosphere Sofia Coppola was able to do a solid debut with her The Virgin Suicides.

This tells the story of five beautiful girls, full of life are forbidden to live their adolescence in a normal way by the restricted orders of their religious parents.

Is difficult to talk about this film without spoiling much and I don't wanna do it for the ones who haven't seen it yet. I will just say that freedom is one of the best things we can have in life. Living in cloistered is not easy or good for our mental health.

The performances are solid from all of the actors, it's visually beautiful and has a great the soundtrack.

Red Sonja(1985)
104 votes
Konan is much better :) 7 for this

Loved this movie ever since I was a kid.

La frentona esta sabrosa

Veronica Mars(2014)
459 votes
In all honesty, this movie is in a category very few t.v. to movie films make it into. The way this movie started and finished all very nice. After watching the movie, I wanted to go back and re-watch all the tv show episodes!

454 votes
pretty good. i went into this, as with most movies, not knowing too much about it. ill read a quick imdb blurb and see whos in it and take it from there. turned out that i was not disappointed. it wasnt as "edgy" as i had hoped it would be but was still a wild ride nonetheless. mcavoy was charming and beautiful as usual. the story was a little meh and felt kinda scattered, it was missing a certain something to help it feel a little more cohesive. its by no means a waste of an hour thirty but i would suggest this when your just looking for something to fill some time, not really something to sink your teeth into.

Bruno like Bruno Tesch ;)

The Hunger(1983)
33 votes
I have read the book. And what i can say about movie? It sucks, otherwise like book, movie was made like for drug addicts, i imagined it in other way. 5

Black Swan(2010)
3,662 votes
I could not finish it.

2,465 votes
Silný příběh s odhadnutelnou zápletkou. Skvělé herecké obsazení.

The Prestige(2006)
4,033 votes

Cloud Atlas(2012)
3,041 votes
überraschend Gut.

Cloud Atlas(2012)
3,041 votes
überraschend Gut.

Veronica Mars(2014)
459 votes
Just love it.All the sensations I had watching the show are back.And Kristen is prettier than ever...

Escape Plan(2013)
2,390 votes
Sooooo fun to see childhood heroes again :) And i give 10 for movie idea, its something new in cinema industry, not slash and smash like always :)

46 votes
didnt expected that story turn :) well made


26 votes
not bad at all, enjoyed.

2,024 votes
I like fantasy movies, and i liked the end :) thought will be squishy, but was pretty well( just soo bad that Fox died) because of that 9 :)

wanted to give it 6, because it was for me like comedy, not horror movie :) but when saw that is coedy (in genres) so 7 :)

Veronica Mars(2014)
459 votes
A long time ago, we used to be friends...
LoVed the moVie! #MARShmallowforlife

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, you weird, weird Movie

Soo Spiderman was Bullying The Joker did that really happen?

Al Capone went full Shane you never go full Shane

4,120 votes

Thirteen Days(2000)
151 votes
A seriously underrated film, build tension incredibly, acting is fantastic (once you get used to the accents), based on historical events fairly decently.

No twists how it ends, but still an amazing tension filled ride. As long as you like the political side of things.

I had to give up, couldn't cope with how shit it was.

A crazy flick, like the the Shaw brothers and John Milius had a baby.

This Is 40(2012)
1,456 votes
This movie annoyed me when I wasn't laughing fit to burst or chuckling at the bits I recognized. Oh, comedy. So uncomfortable when you're applicable.

Aw, this was cute! Not as cool as Monsters Inc., but still a fabulous prequel. I'm disgruntled they're not selling adult frat and sorority gear, though. I'm a PNK, through and through.

Best of Anime, period.

That was so dull, i nearly gave up half way through.

I was warned (clearly by idiots) that the fight at the end was the worst part but the rest was good, and while i do agree that part was stupid, compared to the garbage beforehand it ended up being the highlight of the movie.

Such a shame as i loved the original movie.

Veronica Mars(2014)
459 votes
enjoyable but not so much as a typical VM episode. still it was a nice "ending",something we were missing

78 votes
Is entertaining with action and fights, but it's mediocre. S. L. Jackson paying the landlord

It is okay, there are battles. There is more close to te reality than 300, but not compared to Leonidas, the Spartans, Xerxes, immortals and battles

The Avengers(2012)
9,872 votes

i lveo this movie more than my mother i think

Captain Phillips(2013)
3,063 votes
Buenas actuaciones.

5,469 votes
Es buena, pero esperaba otro final.

Ender's Game(2013)
3,377 votes
The final could be other.

3,539 votes
Too much non-action long scenes makes it hard to watch.

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