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I'm sobbing, best movie story ever.. Just crying crying like crazy

It's a great movie but they changed the whole important things from the book, pretty sure if I hadn't read the book I'd like it more.

232 votes
It is a different Tarzan history, but it really it's a good movie.

Phone Booth(2002)
1,073 votes
One of my fav!!

Good action movie

This movie is very Boring

The Purge(2013)
1,737 votes
Good Movie - Picks Up Speed about halfway through - can't wait for second installment.

6,090 votes
Nice combination of Star Trek's Borg sphere, and Star Wars' Clones ;) But apocalyptic Earth could look more apocalyptic after only 60 years ;>


After Earth(2013)
3,224 votes
It's little naive that only that two of all crew survived the crash, but besides that, not so bad movie.

City of Men(2007)
53 votes
amazing movie about friendship. I loved it!!

368 votes
Stupendo è dir poco. Da vedere una volta sola e stop......... E chi dorme più!

4,591 votes

210 votes
This is quite seriously one of the worst things I have ever had the excruciating misfortune to witness the first and last 20 minutes of. Jesus fucking christ.

Groundhog Day(1993)
3,108 votes
Had a smile on my face the whole time !

3,738 votes
Nick Fury telling it like it is

Love Actually(2003)
1,940 votes
This has some rather large amount of cheese and some flaws but I can't help but love it

this movie didnt age well at all!

The Monuments Men(2014)
1,637 votes
Great subject, amazing cast, Clooney is pretty solid as director and from a technical point of view I think he did a good job...what really cripples this movie seem to be a screenplay that never get the right rhythm. Is not an easy task to find the right space and balance to move so many characters in a movie. What is odd is that Clooney in the past always demonstrated to have instead a good eye for catching great script. My feeling is that with such a stellar cast it must have been quite a gamble to fit a shooting schedule feasible for all...and looks like screenplay polishing as been rushed too much, maybe counting too much on the cast performances to glue all together. It's a pity because the subject is interesting and original...and you can see that the movie has been crafted with a love for the matter. However the final result is still an half empty cup.

Star Trek(2009)
6,831 votes
This movie successfully breaks my heart within 10 minutes, every time I watch it.

Blood, blood, more blood and Eva Green's tits.

When you know what to expect from a parody then this one is a good laugh.

3,049 votes
A well intentioned film that walks a fine balance between presenting some difficult themes and conforming to a standard mystery that conventions dictate must be solved. For the first half of the film, this is an absorbing look at the fallout from a child abduction case. The performances are all outstanding, especially Jackman, and the film explores some uncomfortable and challenging issues which it doesn't shy away from confronting, not least in questioning the characters' convictions. It is a shame them that the film cannot sustain this in its resolution, which is essentially much more conventional and unfortunately is not in keeping with what has come before. The performances and strong first half ultimately make this worthwhile, but the themes and issues it explores are squandered in the end in its desire to provide the audience with a solution that satisfies.

Billy Madison(1995)
546 votes

i just wanna say that this rating is bullshit this movie is a masterpiece [drops mic]

Devil's Knot(2013)
122 votes
I really love watching a good movie that has a true story aspect to it. I do feel like the ending was rushed and sadly like life there really isn't always a happy ending. As a mother it was kinda hard to watch, but love that a mother never stops in her search for justice for her kid.

Como ver is filmed?

2,628 votes
It was a good movie, but couldn't they just release the bomb midair?

Good movie...

Comédia que beira o besteirol mas que distrai muito. Fábio nao é bom ator mas é um ótimo comediante por isso vale a pena ver o filme. Não pagaria pra ver mas veria em casa na falta do que fazer.

Cinema Paco 3. Image and sound 4/5. Odyssey curious version of Cohen with a great performance of the trio protagonist.

Cinema Paco 2. Image 3.25/5, Sound 3/5. Gran movie with a big EG Robinson. Linnets several

The Dark Knight(2008)
12,137 votes
Cinema Paco 1. Image and soundo 5/5. One of the best superhero movies, and the best of the 3 Nolan

The Raid 2(2014)
516 votes
Very few words can describe this gem of a film.
Without any doubt: the best action Movie of this century. It´s like the first one only more complex and with a real story instead of just amazing fight scenes. More drama; feels more like a movie instead of a cool "fighting video clip" that its Raid: Redemption. I had high hopes for this but it turned out better!

Religious propaganda bullshit.
Stay away!

Hi I


Not funny at all. Maybe one joke out of the whole set.

3,065 votes
From the sky to the deepest bottom to raise slowly again... sinusoid of life...

6,650 votes
great movie that the made. a movie for eveyone

307 votes
It's lovely. I like Juli Baker's characterization, she's a smart girl with great personality.

I always have soft spot for romantic movies though. :s

My first impression when I first watched this... the movie has a peculiar cinematography. Really - some shots were taken unusually (stills on individual's expression, panorama shot on the desert, etc). And despite being a movie in 2004, it feels so 90-ish (partly maybe because of the cinematography?).

But that doesn't make it bad. It might feels unusual, but story, the pace, was built nicely. Good movie overall! The premise itself is already very interesting to watch.

(Granted, I don't watch the original adaptation!)

0 votes
:-) .mn/

1,804 votes
Didn't expect i would like it as much as i did

I am so proud of the way this movie presents the tale of the novel. It truly does it justice, which is more than can be said for many a novel adaptation. I wouldn't change a thing. The characterisation is organic and real. The story is told in a way that, were they real, Hazel and Augustus would've appreciated.

Wasn't as good as best man holiday but it was much funnier and OMG Megan Goode. I mean MEGAN omg GOODE!!!!

American Beauty(1999)
3,788 votes
No words to describe this. Best movie I've ever seen in my entire life!

What a piece of sh*t

The Machine(2013)
772 votes
Surprisingly good! I really like it.

Overall it was a reasonable movie. It had some good parts, but also some parts that took way too long. The film lasted like 2 whole hours. Seth should've made it a little shorter, it would've improved the movie. Still a 7/10.

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