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Incredible how a 1961 musical / movie can after so much time can still be nowadays. Although the opening of the film is a bit strange (not what I remembered from when I was young)... This "feeling" emphasized by the cops remark; "break it up you cock suckers" will disappear after a while. After so many decades it still turns out to be good way to spend some time.

No hasting for the next special effect or huge explosion seen from 3 different angles. Just a good story with lost of things going on. I myself am a science fiction freak (will watch B-movies) but love to watch this musical / movie. I especially like the colours and soundtracks.

Hell I even watched "The Sound of Music" several times and went to the movie "Annie" when I gave my birthday party (mostly girls invited). The first one is less of a problem to admit today, thanks to the movie "The Postman" directed by Kevin Costner.

But I still had to squeeze in an apology for going to the movie "annie" LOL

I can't remember the last time I was this bored during a movie..

Under the Skin(2014)
408 votes
Missing too much from the book here. Good atmosphere, perfect music and gorgeous acting... but that's all: no in-deeps, no significance or metaphors and especially no sign of her distaste of her condition and humanity's.

My favorite part is once they've passed fluffy and have to catch the flying keys and play wizard chess, although it's much better and more detailed in the book.

Brick Mansions(2014)
140 votes
Esta peli es malisima! Mejor ver otras cosas...

2,163 votes
Sometimes they use the translation computer. Then other scenes they don't bother. It confused me

It's a great movie. Excruciating in so many ways, as it's intended to be. But I'm not a big fan of open endings.


Baby Blues(2013)
1 votes
الإشي الوحيد الحلو بالفلم بس الأغنية

6,769 votes
Jeg kan ikke se film

the glory of blood

This movie is NOT 342min long, don't know why Trakt has that part of the data wrong?

The Invasion(2007)
290 votes
Definitely enjoyed a very thrilling and creepy doomsday movie. Didn't love the ending / final wrap up.

I like this movie!!!

I hope the Movie is just as good as the Book was, because it was amazing.

76 votes
Fun but forgettable and slightly sexist.

3,372 votes
I can't quite express how I feel about this movie. It's touching, that's for sure. Weird, too. At some points, I, myself, could actually feel as if Samantha was in the room, talking to Theodore. The movie itself is beautiful. The dialogues... Oh the dialogues between S and T. Couldn't describe as nothing more, but heart warming.


The Green Hornet(2011)
1,714 votes
This is so trash. If you don't take it serious it is very amusing. Gangsters Paradise!!

Loved it, visually its very well worked and a sensitive sense of humor
This is a must watch movie

How very sad. The cast has seasoned actors, known for amazing performances on both live theater and TV, and yet it feels they didn't try at all. The script was even lamer than usual for a romantic comedy and the acting made it just unbearable. I honestly couldn't bother to finish it, but I doubt it'd get any better. Take this as a very long ad for MSC Cruises an maybe it becomes acceptable, but as a movie, it's just a very unfunny and disappointing piece.

1,777 votes
For all the hype, I must say I am disappointed with this movie. It's about 75% sci-fi soap-opera (cliché and blasé) and 25% action adventure. It was roughly only the last quarter that made it worth watching at all. I think people forget that they were yawning through the first three quarters, and only remember that they left somewhat excited.

While I was expecting a solid 8 or 9, I was generous in giving it a 7 overall.

This really is one of those movies... "I've seen it, now I won't have to watch it again."

Death Note(2006)
221 votes
after seeing the anime this movie sucks

Ninja Assassin(2009)
441 votes
Ninja Assassin, amazing :)

1,661 votes
Original Tron!

The Lego Movie(2014)
3,516 votes
you can watch it here for free

Well old or cheesy as this may seem to nowadays public, still this is one of the reasons why movie making exist. Period.

99 votes
مش كتير عجبني .. التمثيل سيء كتير .. فيه كتير مجريات ممله

Style 80 with very little budget, has not been bad, People go bad after nuclear war, from astronaut to Rambo "

The Game(1997)
2,197 votes
Michael Douglas was the danger before being the danger was cool

125 votes
After watching the trailer I was expecting a much more violent film. However, that was not the case at all. The movie is incredibly well thought out and the performances are all fantastic. One of the better films I've seen this year.

The Game(1997)
2,197 votes
this has aged really well good thrilling film

The Lego Movie(2014)
3,516 votes
How to watch im new :) #PrimetimeTV

111 votes
how to watch the movie?

The Raid 2(2014)
561 votes
This just might be the best action movie I've seen.

The Four 2(2013)
5 votes
unintelligible mess of a story!

Iron Man 3(2013)
7,926 votes
Was alright. Nothing spectacular.

We're the Millers(2013)
4,455 votes
Funny stuff! Jennifer & Emma were major hotties of course.

Lone Survivor(2013)
2,101 votes
Good movie.

I, Frankenstein(2014)
1,306 votes
Not bad. Good effects.

STUPID! Not worth comments.

Not close to the first one. Turned it off half way through.

Sex Drive(2008)
438 votes
Caught it on TV, it was a lot better than expected

Killer Joe(2012)
455 votes
poor directing ,,weird story , weird ending the whole movie is so weird
and Joe is kind of overdressed the gloves and the hat which is weird
I didn't really like it they could have made it a lot better

This had some potential. Too bad it never got to go anywhere.

isaac was the real star of this movie

Red Dawn(2012)
741 votes
Not as bad a film as some critics make it out to be. Sure it isn't a masterpiece, but it's very enjoyable if you ignore the fact that it's a remake of the 1984 original.

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.”
(The best film I've ever seen in my life)

I think it is my favorite movie, right before "It's kind of funny story".

2 votes
Possibly the next great WWII movie, so overdue one.

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