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It was cheesy, but enjoyable.

It reminded me of "The Last Exorcism P.1" but well done. There was some dumb scenes, of course, but in its whole was a really good movie. Nice acting, nice timing, great photograph and very well written. But not completely original.

266 votes
Well that was just awful, so awful even ScarJo in a swimsuit couldn't save it..

Pass the Ammo(1988)
2 votes

Cinema Paco: Image 4.5/5 Sound 4.5/5. It starts well and goes well but in the end is too much, as the elevator scene and the plane scene

Another wonderful performance by Sam Rockwell. The film was just ok. Wonderful piano score by Edward Shearmur

281 votes
I've seen 150 2014 releases and Annabelle is in the bottom 3 easy. What a load of shit.

Actually a very enjoyable film. More than 600 religion experts were consulted to ensure authenticity.
Thumbs up! I liked it.

266 votes
2hr long ? For dis moovy? dis bad ˙ ͜ʟ˙

13 Going On 30(2004)
961 votes
i can't believe this movie only has a 68% rating it's literally the best movie of all time

Demons 2(1986)
14 votes
31Days Of Horror continues with a re-watch of the sequel, breaking in the Arrow Blu off the To-Watch Pile.

45 votes
Re-Watch! Finally breaking the seal on the Arrow Blu-ray steelbook set, have been looking forward to this for my 31 Days Of Horror.

Runner Runner(2013)
1,257 votes
So predictable

3 Days to Kill(2014)
1,900 votes
Very disappointed, the biggest problem is that It tries to be a lot of things and fails at most of them. If you're choosing between two movies and this is one of them, choose the other one.

Gone Girl(2014)
565 votes
I don't know whether to give it a zero or a ten. Threw movie is excellent in script, director, actors... It's round and perfect and the shift of the argument is just brilliant a as well as wicked. But it makes you suffer throughout the whole movie!

Umarım değer izlemek için

Another You(1991)
14 votes
Can only be a joke. This movie only with 56%?

Giving it a look off the To-Watch Pile for my 31 Days Of Horror. I seem to recall a podcast giving it a decent review. Fingers crossed.

I did not expect me saying this but this round of VHS vs. ABC goes to the latter. The sequel is an improvement with a bit shorter run time, less weird/unfunny stuff and more consistent segments. Out of the 26 I only felt like 4 of those were god awful but I also felt the above average ones got fewer too. If Álex de la Iglesia and Shion Sono would have done their segments I'm certain it would be different :(.

1,668 votes

Also, inaccurate: (the ten percent myth)

Wow, this movie is great.
I would recommend this movie to everyone. Except people who only like movies like Transformers.

5,029 votes
A unsettling portrait of an all-too likely future for our planet:

Fast & Furious 6(2013)
4,198 votes


A Serbian Film(2010)
218 votes
It was a very brutal film. But I must say, it was one of the best twist endings.

223 votes
This is a weird movie!

266 votes
Not a bad film at all. Daniel Radicliffe's acting in this was top notch.

13 votes
good workdone by basharat peer, vishal bhrdwaj andshahid kapoor and last but not least darling shradha kapoor.

The Field(1990)
4 votes
My favourite irish film. Absolute classic, although it's not well known it's a masterpiece in my opinion.

Nurse 3-D(2014)
138 votes
nurse film is agreat one,with good actress with agood direction

Masterpiece, it will remain in the history of cinema!


Gone Girl(2014)
565 votes
Wowza. That was a pretty intense movie. I'm writing this in the theatre during the credits... I'm going on record as (spoiler), liking the ambiguous end of the movie. It was pretty sad, but fitting.

402 votes
يحمس بنفس الوقت عادي مدري كيف

2,082 votes
Preparense porque soy la sombraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Super Troopers(2001)
785 votes
I haven't laughed like this in ages..

31 votes
“For my 31 Days Of Horror off the To-Watch Pile - not sure what to expect, but the BLAIR WITCH connection seems promising...”

Boy Eats Girl(2005)
19 votes
Absolute crap. The epitome of a badly made movie.

Shaun of the Dead(2004)
4,733 votes
"Get f*cked, four-eyes" An epic moment! :)

Dead Snow 2(2014)
107 votes
I liked this one so fucking much, fuck!!
With the second part they hit the target, mostly because they finally took with decision the path of absurd/comic/nonsense splatter movie like the great Braindead of Peter Jackson.
Bloody killings, with no sense at all and so fucking funny from which no man nor woman and even kid can escape.
The plot is also more catching and complete, more interesting.
Characters are awesome, especially the Zombie Zquad and the zombie pet.
At the end the door has been kept open for a third movie... let's wait for it.
For now I'm suggesting this one dearly :)

“The 31 Days Of Horror continues with this first time viewing off the To-Watch Pile. Love Barbara Steele!”

Fight Club(1999)
10,684 votes
Just finished "Fight club"(1999). Absolutely mind blowing. I love how the director plays with the audience! Great script and awesome editing

Free to Play(2014)
173 votes
I wasn't expecting much out of "Free to Play", but it seems Valve did a good job. It was interesting to see what it takes to be a professional gamer.

What a terrible way to represent Krauser-sama... The live-action is extremely cheesy and feels nothing like DMC the anime series...

12 votes
The idea itself is amazing, but I did not enjoy the way it was presented.

958 votes
[REC] is definitely one of the better zombie movies. The claustrophobic atmosphere was really effective.

I love Sacha Baron Cohen's works, and even though I'm truly amazed by the things he dares to do, Borat was a little uncomfortable to watch. At times it was simply disgusting, and I don't see how those scenes add any humor or meaning to the movie.

Donnie Darko(2001)
4,482 votes
Donnie Darko was mind-boggling, and I always had a fascination with time travel. Especially with such a beautiful ending I believe it is a superb movie.

TRON: Legacy(2010)
5,154 votes
Fantastic film music! :)

what #PrimetimeTV

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