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Good, but the ending could have been much better.

Cool. My kids love it!

925 votes
Very good movie. The first 20 minutes or so dragged for me, but after a certain point it gets a lot better.

God's Not Dead(2014)
160 votes
I really enjoyed this movie! And so did the group I was watching it with

4,203 votes
great movie i love the soundtrack and when they use it and the direction is beautifully done

I love on how the actors we're all cheesy when portraying as their "persona's" while filming the TV show.

In Bloom(2013)
4 votes
Cannot believe the main actors in this were Amateurs, great film

Get a Clue(2002)
34 votes
oh DAMN I forgot how much I had liked this movie.

2,076 votes
Really good and intriguing. Earned me a headache from too much camera-moving, though.

only those making it to the end will possibly find this of interest:

wonferful movie. great actors. cried the whole time

:)como veo la pelicula no puedo ver

Excellent, really enjoyed this.

Bon, c'est nullement comme le précédent. On sent un script bâclé pour faire une suite.

Une comédie sympa ! Audrey Fleurot y joue un très bien.

It is good the way to tell since discovered until it reaches as well prepare for it

The World's End(2013)
3,265 votes
That meeting after 20 years is not as expected, has been fun, these bars with beers and extra thing "

18 votes
This type of disaster I did not expect, was not bad, even the low budget note

3,396 votes
First off; I didn't see any trailers of teasers, on purpose, did not look up any reviews or score cards when it hit the theater, just because it's so easy to create a hype around something these days and therefore you'll end up disappointed by default.

I just went to see a Gojira movie and enjoyed the ride. They chose the keep it closer to the the original story and completely ignore the 1998 remake, like they should. If there is a follow-up, I will go see it, and I'm sure I would enjoy that one also.

4,056 votes
And we continue with Scarlett, good with his voice from IA which the protagonist falls in love, It's okay but a little long, the end was unexpected.Se so weird about people talking on their mobile the cable handsfree

3,396 votes
Great Monster-Movie that shouldn't be taken too seriously (like all monster movies). Great visuals and fantastic Sound-Stage!
I would have loved to see Bryan Cranston through the entire movie as a main character.. Too bad he only serves as an entrance into the main story. Still, the Movie deserves more positive reviews and anybody who loves Science Fiction and huge Monsters like in CLOVERFIELD or PACIFIC RIM will enjoy watching this. Ignore the haters - decide for yourself. I liked it!

5 just for some scenes and dialogues :(

Draft Day(2014)
492 votes
If you love (american) football, you'll love this movie!

2,769 votes
Another film that was great, minus the ending.

3 Days to Kill(2014)
1,689 votes


7,526 votes
Recently watched for the 3rd time, and it amazes every time, stunning in 3d, the pacing is incredible, fantastic movie

Under the Skin(2013)
650 votes
Fantastic film, even a week later I am still peeling back layers to this movie, Johansson is the perfect casting, Scotland is the perfect setting, visually stunning.

443 votes
One of the worst movies that I have seen in recent years. Utterly dull and a complete waste of time.

7,526 votes
One of the best 3d movies ever..

A great movie. I've cried so much throughout the movie. If you don't find it touching then I am sorry, you don't have a heart. I recommend watching it, but prepare your tissues.

كلمة رهيب قليلة في حقة

2,076 votes
Fantastic movie, great pace, and shows what can be done with a lesser budget, a modern day classic

21 votes
While technically the movie is well made, the story is lacking in every corner. From it's 86 minute runtime you can easily subtract another 20 minutes, a little more than 10 of those were used for a montage to show that her campus is indeed empty and the rest splits for the title sequence and credits.... So, what happens in that hour that is left? A bit of cat and mouse play and what ever you've seen in other movies before.
It's just mediocore at best and fails to build up any tension. Instead of watching this you might check out You're Next or The Den which share some ideas but work better.

Surprised at the low rating, it's not that bad! 7/10



615 votes
I went with slightly higher expectations after watching the trailer. Yes, I do feel let down being an avid reader of science fiction but what captivated me most was the brilliant "Big Bang Theory" creation scene at the near end of the film.
The film has its weak points, and a weak storyline keeping it afloat, but there were a few places to get a good laugh.
ScarJo and Freeman don't make this film worth watching though the effects are pretty neat at some places.

The ending loses a bit of logic, but other than that it was a great movie, very enjoyable.

While not a complete disaster, this was certainly disappointing considering the cast/writers involved who are capable of making so much better than this. There are some very funny moments which are scattered through out the film and even at just 83 mins, it felt way too long. I kept looking at my watch couple of times. This would have worked much better as an episode on a sitcom or something.

46 votes
didn't expect the ending

best movie I've seen lately

great movie

Although it's been only twelve years since this movie was shot it feels like much more. But I’m not sure it looked any better on its time. It seems ridiculous and surreal even for a Hollywood film. It feels like some mixture of an erotic dream of a frustrated nerdy girl and a cheap horror movie with a “surprising” twist just before the end.
Read my full review here:

This movie was just so cute and easily loveable! My favourite kind of romcom!

3,396 votes
there´s something wrong with the military in this movie bur i did enjoy the rest =) people are way to serious about this and try to over-think to much.

Very good movie. Not too nerdy for me, and I'm not a big fan of Marvel but I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Love this movie

615 votes
Scarlet fills the screen. "Luc Besson Part" (action) good, "Part Terrence Malick " (crazy stuff) not so much "

The Expendables 3(2014)
1,000 votes
le mejor pelicula de toda la saga

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