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2 Guns(2013)
3,255 votes
Hu gfcj

Odd Thomas(2013)
434 votes
Excellent movie. Been on my watch list for a while. Glad I finally got a chance to check it out.

Cassie dances madly like a boxing kangaroo ♫

Best comedy of the year.

Obvious Child(2014)
109 votes
Am I the only one that didn't laugh a single time during this movie? :/

Very informative behind the scenes with some of the best known voice actors. Great to see how they put soul into the characters

Jurassic Park(1993)
5,860 votes
"Cinema Paco 2 Image 4/5, sound 5/5, 3D 34/5. Very good conversion to 3D, all sounds very good. Very entertaining, spectacular, well-balanced CGI and animatronics. I saw the 3D version

77 votes
Cinema Paco 1 Image 3.5/5 Sound 2.5/5. Great movie that I was not seen before. Great performances and great script and staging

I was surprised, cause I found this movie, randomly, on Shailene Woodley's IMDB and decided to watch it. Didn't expect too much, but... Think I got caught by this movie.

Edge of Tomorrow(2014)
5,073 votes

Riley Smith against Maz?.......not believable.

The Other Guys(2010)
1,749 votes
Well... there's a couple of hours of my life I'll never get back.

A truly dreadful film that is lacking in every single area... Bad acting, bad writing, one dimensional characters, a terrible plot, bad lighting and cinematography... I honestly cannot think of a single thing about this movie that I liked.

Will Ferrell is a dreadful one trick pony who acts exactly the same in every single movie he has ever done... really, really badly. You can't even say he's doing it on purpose anymore as he's tried his hand at some more dramatic roles and this absurd personality is still ever present no matter what the role.

I know some people think this is supposed to be a satirical look at these types of movies... but that was only the story thrown around AFTER the movie was seen to be so poor.

There isn't a single noteworthy thing about the film at all.


A rather bland comedy that relies far too heavily on McFarlanes tried and tested back catalogue of jokes.

In short there was nothing new in this movie that hasn't been done a thousand times before and in most cases far better. I thought Ted was a better film and that too is a bit of a one trick pony in both it's content and delivery.

That said, there are a couple of gags that made me chuckle and the acting performances of the supporting cast were quite decent... But McFarlane himself is not a great actor and the film suffered as a result. He should stick to his writing and voice acting where he really shines.

6/10 from me... Not a terrible movie, but not one that I'd bother to watch a second time or recommend to friends.

Life Is Beautiful(1997)
1,944 votes
Watching this movie was such a trip. Seeing them happy only broke your heart even more.

tamamen çöptü kusura bakma mikey

Bring It On(2000)
468 votes
As I have come to realize, the movie did not stand the test of time very well. It has all the ingredients of a 90s teen sex comedy, just without the sex. And Kirsten Dunst's film brother is literally one of the most useless characters ever put on film.

I consider myself as an easy laugher, I laugh on anything, but while watching this movie I didn't laugh, I just giggled two or three times.
Very terrible movie.

I have to review this, because I was there in the audience for this show. Right at the front, second row, bang in the middle.

The funny thing was that we actually had tickets for the circle, but upon joining the queue, a member of staff asked if anyone had circle tickets, and we were the first ones in the queue who did... we were then taken inside along with some others and shown to the front of the theatre... We chose the second row because we didn't want to be too conspicuous, but made sure to get the dead centre seats.

We were not disappointed either, Eddie put on a fantastic show and had the whole audience in stitches. I know he gets a lot of flack for how his shows reuse a lot of old material... But his shows are ever evolving and a lot of the seemingly unscripted stuff is actually woven in brilliantly to seem that way. It's all part of his genius.

Now without trying to sound like a pompous dickhead... I do know what makes for good comedy, I performed as a comedian on the UK standup circuit for 4yrs, I was runner up in both the BBC and Daily Telegraph new comedy awards and I only stopped performing due to a health issue... After a couple of years I just never went back to it and instead started earning a decent living.

So I think I know a thing or two about what makes a comedian average, good or great... I've worked with hundreds of them, seen hundreds more. Some of those names are now very famous and in movies as big name stars. Some are no longer around... including myself you could say.

But Eddie is one of the greats and this performance is no exception... Watch it, laugh you arses off and then wish you could be that funny... For the record, I'm not one of the unsung greats... I was good though. :)

The Book Thief(2013)
1,507 votes
I'm not sure about this movie. The acting is generally decent; while Sophie Nelisse (as Liesel) is charming, I feel she still has more to improve. Geoffrey Rush (Hans) and Emily Watson (Rosa) are amazing.

The plot sometimes feels a bit disconcerted, some other time feels a bit rushed. It lacks the impression it needs when the plot ultimately gives some heart-breaking or relieving moments.

However it has touching moments; when Liesel learns her lesson in reading with Hans, her conversations with Max (when asked to describe outside weather), her determination to read books, etc. Today when thorough reading feels rare, Liesel's dedication to learn reading, describing, and writing serves to remind us (or at least myself) such a delight to be able to read and write. Though, I have to admit, the movie could have explored this theme much more further - especially considering the title it has, "The Book Thief".

1,414 votes
Because of all the great reviews I decided to give this one a go. Definitely not one for me though
Even though it is a good movie, I did not really enjoy it as much. It tried to set up a realistic image of small-town boys in a situation you usually don't end up with at that age.
They did a good job acting and story wise, but i simply could not identify with the main characters. This was probably because of multitude of things like the independence of the kids and how they were treated like adults as if it was 200 years ago. But also the completely twisted way they viewed women and relationships. I know this is all to create a certain environment, but I just did not like that environment.
My rating is therefore mostly based on my opinion rather then a technical judgment.

Matchstick Men(2003)
560 votes
A brrilliant movie. Highly recommend.

Inside Man(2006)
2,048 votes
Amazing movie. Recommended viewing for everyone.

3,498 votes
"the god-awful narration.."
One of the worst fairy tale adaptations of all time!
Disney ruin everything it touches :(

Starship Troopers(1997)
1,957 votes
A great movie, with some decent CGI and action sequences.

One thing I occasionally struggle with on a personal level is the amount of enjoyment I get from a film that has such a large fascist theme to it. But I resolve this by assuming that Verhoven (who experienced the Nazi regime as a small child) is doing all of it ironically by doing it in a tongue in cheek fashion to try and make it slightly camp/comical.

The only thing that lets it down is the slightly wooden performance of lead actor Casper Van Dien, who's career never exactly went anywhere after this. The only other movies I've seen him in are Sleepy Hollow and then the Starship Troopers 3 movie... which was straight to DVD. Aside from that his career has involved mostly made for TV movies and low budget straight to dvd stuff.

Aside from that, the film is loads of fun and well worth watching, and it stands up to repeated viewing if you just want to throw something on to pass some time.

Edge of Tomorrow(2014)
5,073 votes
Groundhog day meets Starship Troopers, but not quite as good as either.

The Scribbler(2014)
53 votes
I guess this wasn't awesome. While the limited budget certainly doesn't help for the immersion it can work... just not with such a bad story (at least that is what I take away from this given that it's been adapted by the author himself). None of the character's have been fleshed out and are defined by their looks/cliché and the whole "Pusher" thing was so petty it was more funny than anything. Could also have done with a less 'edgy' approach to this.

When Rain Man meets Asia. Great Chow Yun-Fat movie. You can try Better tomorrow after

The Signal(2014)
738 votes
Beautiful photography and good visual effects but horrible and nonsense history.

I would totally recommend this movie to anyone who's looking for a good laugh and a very good time especially when you are with friends.
okay its predictable yeah but seriously who cares sometimes all you need is a feel good film. I like it it was fun and enjoyable good cast good music good characters etc and Jon Hamm yum yum yeah go get motivated

In the so bad it is good category. Really nothing can be said about this mess, but its fun.
3/10 (bad) cheese factor rating 9/10 (superb)

1,509 votes
Probably a 6ish movie, but it was interesting and entertaining. Good for a sci-fi time. I went literally knowing nothing about it nor I had seen the trailer. But it surprised me... At first I didn't know it would be fiction but well.... Some montages did seem forced to me, I don't know... Also, I think it should have been longer. I gave it an 8 because it wasn't boring and I adored Scarlet's performance. Plus it's nice to see a woman in a lead role once in a while and that, as much as I love romance, this didn't have a romance subplot at all... now, that would have been forced.

I know that 'realistically' it has a lot of plot holes, for what I've read, but I take it for what it is... however, I say it again, it could have been longer, and get into more details about what was going on with Lucy. She was the one that knew everything, not us!

Cold in July(2014)
205 votes
So random, I liked it!

such an amazing story!
I just keep crying and can't stop!
I love it!
I'll read the book

Not many people in the cinema. It has been entertaining and well run and I hope make a Part 2. It was strange to me hear Dylan O'Brien speak in Castilian and not to appear others from Teen wolf;-)

How the hell did they managed to get me bored and wish for its end?

3,659 votes
Considering the rating this movie was surprisingly good o.O I'd even go so far as to say it was really good. Sure, some may complain about the language, but quite frankly, I'd say it's appropriate ... Some do resort to strong language and violence when otherwise unable to express themselves. And Hancock has obviously some issues, starting with his amnesia and him being overwhelmingly different than anybody else, his drive to help people but his lack of self restrain which causes numerous problems and makes him very unpopular to the point of being hated by everyone - what would you do if you'd tried to be nice and everyone is shouting and cursing at you??? His innate goodness is the reason he still tries to help people, he could just give up and let things happen, but he doesn't. And Ray... well if I ever meet someone like him, I'd count myself lucky.

11 votes
Super film

Very good movie

Where is the turkish subs...

The Da Vinci Code(2006)
3,025 votes
The movie is better than the book (the book it's like a bad adventure game)

Un très bon moment à passer, si vous cherchez quelque chose... Mais sans trop !

Christiane F.(1981)
114 votes
Watched this film again after ~15 years, and I'm surprised to see that it still holds up, despite the cringeworthy line delivery during the first part of the film. A mostly surreal work, it's even more shattering when you know that this is happening everywhere, everytime.

this is so bad, i wish i haven't seen it. I wouldn't recommend

Edge of Tomorrow(2014)
5,073 votes
1h 34m 42s into the movie -> "Go brother, you gotta go, man.", "I'll see you in the next life." Desmond from Lost would say something like that, and he also was a time traveler :D Lost reference maybe?

Like most things Marvel it's really not that special. It's okay entertainment.

I liked the first one. However this part actually tries to have characters and story which doesn't work and really is a bad thing. Eva Green is at her worst.

340 votes
Totally agree with the comment above, really powerful movie, that had me thinking about it for days after it

3,466 votes
Muy buena.

Realmente buena.

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