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2,256 votes
saw it earlier tonight in the cinema. what a great movie, awesome sound effects and great pictures. that is what cinema means. movie of the year. 'nuff said... WATCH IT!!!

1,770 votes
Starts very slow, and when it starts and you thing that now we getting somewhere it ends,oh well it was ok just was hoping something more, would be much better with real ending at least.

1,770 votes
One of the great time travel movie. At first it seems like the story is going nowhere and believe me every little thing matters. If you love time travel then I'm sure you are gonna love this movie.

It's a circle that never get solved and still creates questions to be asked.

1,770 votes


Awesome Movie!!
Andy Dwyer: Peter Quill, Star-Lord! (best than FBI)
Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), you take my heart!
We are Groot at the sound of 80's...

Awesome! I laugh, i cried...
Great story!

2,256 votes
Great movie, awesome photography.
*TARS: best quotes!

This movie is amazeballs. Laughed through it with friends.

The Host(2013)
1,906 votes
SciFi doesn´t always have to be epic battles, space ships and ray guns. In fact, Science Fiction is often better when it has a meaning.
I´m not saying this is an epic piece of filmmaking but it´s hardly a wash-up or waste of time. I think it´s an ok movie that actually could even been better had they focused more on the conflicts of the characters.

3,486 votes
Kids wanted to see this. follow for a follow

Big Hero 6(2014)
261 votes
This is a great movie. My kids love it. 2 Thumbs up!!

4,957 votes
Totally far out.

I didn't like this film. It's not what I was expecting at all.

Good effects but otherwise rubbish frankly.

Ender's Game(2013)
5,601 votes
I've never read the book, but I have started it and not finished it a few times. This is a nice little movie, but nothing I would write home about at all. It was enjoyable to watch once. There's a lot of interesting psychological and ethical questions that arise, and I think that fact makes this movie a lot better than it would have been otherwise. I can't help comparing it to Starship Troopers, which I don't like at all. This one at least has some very interesting strategy and problem-solving which keeps the brain active, rather than just showing explosion after explosion. Not something I'm likely to watch again, but was a good way to spend an afternoon on the couch.

10,068 votes
It's not the best Disney film ever made, but I love Elsa to bits. The fact that Disney showed a princess (well actually a queen!) who suffers from anxiety and depression who overcomes her problems in the end makes me more than happy. Also they took the common trope of love at first sight and marriage shortly after (which they over-used for decades) and tore it apart (again). Plus: Let it go. (Idina Menzel and Willemijn Verkaik are just too perfect.)

Dracula Untold(2014)
1,290 votes
Men its just boring... I slipped a 4 times at least.

Classic action movie. The good, the bad...


2,143 votes
Special effects are amazing, ok, but it's a bad and fair copy of Gladiator, mixed up with a poor plot and lovestory. I hate they adapted history to special effects needs (that fucking fireballs, seriously?! c'mon!!) People died buried in the ash, the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum were obliterated and buried underneath massive pyroclastic surges and ashfall deposits, but not fireballs.. even director said it.
Soundtrack is really good, 'tho.
But overall it's... meh....

868 votes
The boy who lived, 2.0.

833 votes
When I first watch it was at my birthday with a boyfriend. Really live this guy. Everytime a watch it I remember him.

Official Teaser - It's on!

Really love it. The tone of the film was great, a little slow, but sets perfectly the path for the second movie. The acting was fantástic, and the hanging tree song, and the scene with Peeta , and my poor Katniss. Vamos que me ha encantado , con frases sacadas directamente de libro incluso, y no sé como voy a esperar un año para ver como resuelven el fin de la historia.

Warm Bodies(2013)
3,256 votes
Right through inconsistent. Sure, it's a love story wrapped in a zombie movie and the sensmoral is that you should seize the day bla bla bla... I just don't get their motivations...

Annie Hall(1977)
687 votes
Annie Hall was surprisingly my first Woody Allen movie. It had a fantastic screenplay with some really nice dialogue. I especially liked the parts where Alvy broke the fourth wall and when he interacted with his flashbacks. One of the better romcoms with well-realised characters and I can see why it's become a classic.

Fantastic movie, very well directed, loved the telling the narrative from the three different points of time, Great performance from all, but absolutely from Cumberbatch........

Alan Turing, a british war hero treated disgracefully by the society of the time.....If only he knew how he was regarded now.....born before his time, but exactly when he was needed

I haven't read the books, but want to since a long time ago, and I did read some reviews of this movie implying that "nothing happens in this movie, that it's the longest trailer ever, etc..." so I was afraid this was going to be dull or something. But God was I amazed... I actually liked this very much. I don't know if this didn't have as much action as expected, and it may be my taste, because I like slow movies if they're done right and if they interest me. I think it's an amazing prelude for what happens next and AGAIN I haven't even read the books. Lastly, lol I guess that the people that complain that nothing happens are a) people that haven't read the books and expected it to have more action like the previous movies and wanted to know the end and wanted it to be fast; b) people who have read the book and think that they should've shortened it, skip the 'boring part', and if that would've been the case they would complain that it didn't follow the book!!! that it should be divided, etc etc.

I felt like I was watching a bad modern remake of Fingersmith.

Being John Malkovich was brilliant. At times hilarious and surreal, serious and absurd, yet constantly clever and original, the movie never fails to surprise or entertain. The acting's great, the directing's suitably subtle but what shines most is the script. Charlie Kaufman is a genius and this is easily one of the most inventive and unique movies I've ever seen. Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

Cada vez que la veo me gusta aún más. Es perfecta.

All Is Lost(2013)
1,007 votes
Snore... no diaglogue. Got pretty boring towards the end. I preferred open water to this.

6,673 votes
I love cartoons,But I could not get into this movie at all... Didn't even finish it

Scary Movie(2000)
1,626 votes
Wild hair cable re-watch while trapped out of town - "Y'know they gave me a shout out on the album, right? 'Everywhere I go, I see the same ho...'"

1,120 votes
La verdad es que no vi lo sorprendente de esta película... No digo que sea mala pero no es la genialidad que muchos decían que era.

I like it

Another Me(2013)
47 votes
I like the idea!
The plot was really interesting but it suddenly ended; it felt like they just wanted to get it over with and quickly finish it.
It would have been really great if it was around 2 hours long with more events. The ending was really, really stupid though.

2,293 votes
"e una persona può essere provocata fino ad un certo punto prima che esploda!"

The Maze Runner(2014)
3,428 votes

The Innocents(1961)
58 votes
A re-watch to break in the newly purchased Criterion Blu-ray. Gorgeous looking disc.

It's not Thanksgiving without Uncle Eddie

Die Hard(1988)
6,151 votes
A holiday classic

809 votes
The original one was better, but this one is enjoyable too
It's not THAT bad for being a remake...

The Maze Runner(2014)
3,428 votes
Someone can explain me how works this webpage? I downloaded "teevee" app already, but I don't know how can watch some movie... Thanks

Field of Dreams was a magical sentimental nostalgic mess. It had a rubbish script, terrible acting and subpar everything else, but it nevertheless managed to be charming. If you build it, he will come. If you build it, he will come. If you build it, he will come.

This Is the End(2013)
5,098 votes
People have to realize what they're about to watch before they go into it. The actors are playing exaggerated versions of themselves. It's not meant to be Academy Award winning gold. It's supposed to be ridiculous fun. And it is. I mean, there's a giant ceramic penis. What do you expect? I laughed so much. You just can't take a movie like this seriously. It's purely for stupid laughs.

Good movie overall. Had some slow moments, but that was to be expected. The ending sure made me want to watch the next one.

Mission: Impossible was fun. I think I'd seen parts of it previously but not the whole thing through. The script was pretty rubbish but I wasn't expecting much else and it worked well enough as an action flick.

I feel kind of guilty for giving it only 6, but I didn't like it as much as I hoped to. It is a good movie, it got good acting and nice love story, but it felt more like a sad fairy tail than a true life story. I wouldn't watch it again but if you haven't seen it, go ahead and do it.

A Esmorga(2014)
2 votes
Drama excelentemente ambientado en la llamada "Galicia profunda", y magistralmente representada por los tres actores principales. Es una película dura que te deja en una depresión pasajera en la que que revolver en tus pensamientos cómo era la vida en Galicia por aquellos años. La recomiendo.

Raging Bull(1980)
607 votes
Raging Bull was okay. The opening credits weren't aligned with the boxing ring ropes, grrr. A lot of the dialogue seemed pointless, I felt like it didn't develop the characters much nor move the plot forward. LaMotta sits around with people and talks a lot, but it doesn't fleshen out anybody, it just reaffirmed what you already knew. Unfortunately, none of the characters were particularly sympathetic either. LaMotta himself is completely loathsome and his entire personality can be summed up as "jealous and violent". I'm not saying you have to make characters likeable or anything, but if you're going to do a character study, shouldn't your character be a complex realistic human being? Shouldn't they be intriguing and multidimensional? Otherwise why else should I care what happens at all? Though DeNiro no doubt gives a great performance, ultimately I'm not interested in what happens to his character nor any of the relationships he has with others.

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