All Creatures Great and Small

» Special 4

Country United Kingdom

Runtime 50m

Special 4 Brotherly Love

Christmas 1955 is fast approaching but the vets are dealing with their usual assortment of diseased animals and entertaining locals. James is particularly proud of Frank Gillard's farm. Gillard also keeps racing pigeons and Mr. Biggins accuse the birds of importing hoof and mouth disease. When Gillard's cattle develop the dreaded disease, he has no choice but to destroy his herd. Tristan buys himself a fancy Daimler coupe but then can't quite pay back the money he borrowed from Sigfried who gives him until Christmas day to settle up or he will take possession of the car. Tristan once again joins the bell ringers but more because he's interested in Miss Marston, the new teacher who is also a member of the group. James and Sigfried find themselves acting as references in court for the feuding Bradley brothers, David and Jonathan. This is the last ever episode of the show.
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