Arrested Development

» 3x02

Country United States

Runtime 30m

3x02 For British Eyes Only

Investigating his father's claim that a British group set him up, Michael goes to "Wee Britain" and is smitten with a beautiful woman named Rita. Lindsay attempts to seduce the new family attorney, and Gob goes to extremes to avoid his newly discovered son.
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There is something about 'Wee Britain' that I just don't find particularly funny - although obviously the jokes are targeted at Americans and satirise the American perception of the UK. George Sr's insistence that he is a patsy leads Michael to investigate, setting the scene for all sorts of jokes about driving on the wrong side of the road and bad teeth. Meanwhile, Gob's attempts to avoid Steve Holt border on the ridiculous as he has to hide in one of his own tricks. I really liked the moment where Michael is confronted by three different chicken dances - I think Lindsay's is my favourite.

Tobias' quest to become a leading man extends to a truly horrendous hair transplant that rightly horrifies Lupe. Seeing him scream in agony as a barber runs a comb through it made me cringe and his delight when he fools everyone into thinking he's Gob has a goofy charm to it; it's not often we get to see Tobias happy. George Sr's agony at having to live at home elicits less sympathy however, and it's a little disheartening to see Michael clearly being led on another wild goose chase by his father. Where it goes, I'll find out soon.
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