Astro Fighter Sunred

This show has ended

Premiered October 4, 2008

Country Japan

Runtime 15m

Genres Animation, Comedy

Astro Fighter Sunred
Tentai Senshi Sunred is a powerful, battle tested hero of many years. He has sold his super bike, which is seen in the opening credits. Now he smokes a lot, is effectively unemployed, and lives by the grace of his girlfriend, Kayoko Uchida. His arch enemies in the Evil Florsheim Army are still trying to take over the world. Under the direction of their local leader, Vamp, they help members of the community, run a cooking show, assist Kayoko Uchida whenever possible, and try to attack the ever powerful Sunred. All in all, a light parody of the Japanese hero genera.
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March 13, 2010

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March 6, 2010

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really fun show. each ep is only 13 mins long including op/ed. (and please watch both at least once through, theyre kinda amazing as well) really what do you have to lose giving it a try. humor and horror are not japans strong points as far as im concerned. at least not in anime. this show is genuinely funny. not so much in a laugh out loud way but in a wtf that was random kinda way.
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