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Premiered December 2, 2007

Country Japan

Runtime 30m

Genres Animation

Kusaka Yuu is an average high school student who lives an average life with the weight of the death of a childhood friend always on his mind. Little does he know, there is a war going on where creatures, called Ayakashi, and their users fight among each other, that is until he meets Yoake Eimu. Bearing a striking resemblance to Kusaka's childhood friend, Eimu is an Ayakashi user and her chance meeting with Kusaka, will change his life as he knows it forever.
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Recently aired episodes

February 27, 2008

1x12 Symbiosis

February 20, 2008

1x11 Path of No Return

February 13, 2008

1x10 Couple

February 6, 2008

1x09 Decision

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