» 9x21

Country United States

Runtime 60m

9x21 Galaxy Girls

Newmie and Alex are spending a lot of time together riding SeaDoos, go scuba diving and stuff like that. Newmie is convinced that Alex's got the hots for him and plans to make a move on her. He tells Mitch about it, but Mitch tells him that it can't be true. When Newmie invites Alex to join him for dinner on the beach, Mitch tells her what Newmie is really after. Alex can't believe it when Mitch tells her about Newmie's intentions. Alex tries to talk some sense into Newmie but he keeps interrupting her all the time. When Newmie finally goes to check on the food that is being prepared by Armond, Alex calls Mitch and tells him to come to the beach and join them for dinner. Later Newmie returns and Alex can not believe her eyes when she finds out that Newmie is wearing a toupee. Finally, Alex spots Mitch fishing by the water. Alex wants him to join them for dinner while Newmie wants him to leave. Mitch ends up staying on the beach and Alex has to tell Newmie about her feelings. She tells
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