Cardcaptor Sakura

» 3x03

Country Japan

Runtime 25m

3x03 Sakura and the Dangerous Piano

We see both Kero and Sakura fast asleep, Sakura's dad and toya is also there. Concered that she might have a fever, he feels her forehead. Sakura slightly wakes up and struggles to show her father and her brother that she is fine just tired. Finally they leave her room, but at the door, Toya stars at Kero for few minutes, then leaves. Outside the bedroom both men promise to come home early from school and job to check on Sakura. Kero sits up in bed and moans that Toya is catching on to what is happening. He tries to tell Sakura something but instead she brushes him off and goes back to sleep. He then tucks Sakura in and notices that the Sakura book(i think) is glowing. At Sakura's school econimcs class has started and everyone is busliy stirring and baking. A couple of Sakura's freinds are worried that Sakura didn't show up today. Tomoyo asks Li if he would like to accompany her to Sakura's house to see how she's doing. He blushes, then agrees, over at Eriol's table, Eriol is putting t
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