Cardcaptor Sakura

» 3x06

Country Japan

Runtime 25m

3x06 Sakura's Sheep Warning!?

Sakura has been getting sleepy lately from all the magic she uses to transform the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. The episode opens up with Sakura falling asleep during class while looking at a picture of a sheep in a textbook. Then during reccess Sakura and Syaoran both get new cell phones Tomoyo's mothers company have made. Sakura then tells Li she can call hi8m whenever something strange happens. While all this is going on, Yukito looks weary, so Touya comes up to tell him something important. Unfortunately, Nakuru shows up to interfere. Later in the episode, Yukito comes to Sakura's house to return a book to Touya but he's out of it. Yukito then changes into Yue and Yue chats with Kero about Yue disappearing because he can't get enough magical energy from Sakura. After Yukito goes back home, Syoran calls Sakura to tell there's something odd going on. Sakura calls Tomoyo, and gets a battle costume made by Tomoyo(yay), the theme of which is for a sheep. At the park, the penguin slide
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