Dinotopia (Miniseries)

This show has ended

Premiered May 12, 2002

Runtime 80m

Genres Drama, Fantasy, Mini Series

Dinotopia (Miniseries)
A pair of teenage, half-brothers, Karl and David Scott, take over the controls of their father Frank's private plane while he falls asleep. After flying into a storm, Frank retakes control of the plane before it crashes into the ocean. Frank had trouble escaping the crashed plane, but the brothers wash up on the shore of an uncharted continent. Looking for help, Karl and David find a man named Cyrus Crabb who leads them to Waterfall City, the capital of Dinotopia, a hidden civilization where human beings and dinosaurs peacefully coexist. In fact, some of the dinosaurs, notably a neurotic Stenonychosaurus named Zippo, possess human intelligence and speaks perfect English. Among the many rules in Dinotopia is the edict that, once an outsider arrived, he or she was never allowed to leave. As Karl and David prepare to take their rightful places in their new surroundings, both boys develop a strong bond with young Marion, who is on the verge of becoming a "matriarch" of the Dinotopian society. Unfortunately, the incursion of vicious carnivores, not to mention an unanticipated human villain, threaten to destroy Dinotopia and everyone living on the island.
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May 14, 2002

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May 13, 2002

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May 12, 2002

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Kind of lame but since it's about dinosours and well I wouldn't watch it again.
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