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Country United States

Runtime 60m

4x20 One Giant Leap...

In the season finale - It's chaos in Eureka when an energy beam rips through main street but the Astraeus launch must go on...with or without Eureka intact.
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Can't wait for next season!!!
After seeing the last episode with that incredible cliffhanger i don't a spinoff of the Astreus mission is possible. But we will shall see in the last season.
Not only really good but almost perfect cliffhanger. Cannot wait to see what will happen in the final season. I will definitely miss this show.

Spinoff... nah.. I do not think so.. They will ruin the whole idea just like they did with BSG and.. Caprica.
I'm secretly hoping for a spinoff about the Astreus mission.
Really good cliffhanger, the last season, I hope, will be the best one!
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