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Country United Kingdom

Runtime 30m

2x01 Orlando Bloom

Andy Millman is very excited at the prospect of his sitcom 'When the Whistle Blows', being made by the BBC. He wants it to be realistic and something the audience can relate to. However, the BBC have other ideas making Andy's character wear a wig and silly glasses. It's not long before the comedy is totally different to Andy's original idea. Meanwhile, Maggie is an extra on Orlando Blooms latest movie. Orlando is obsessed with himself and with Maggie. But she doesn't fancy him at all.
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Orlando Bloom was totally hilarious in this. And the overall story is pretty good. I found the ending bitter, but tasteful. I imagine anyone being somewhat successful in something creative might go through something similar at one point or another and it was handled well here.
How the hell did they get these guys to come and mock themselves?
Brilliant episode this.
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