Family Guy

» 10x14

Country United States

Runtime 30m

10x14 Be Careful What You Fish For

After Peter half-heartedly makes a promise to a helpful dolphin (Ricky Gervais), the dolphin moves to Quahog.
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Hmmm.. Gervais is not suited to family guy..
@dunpealhunter Yes it was Ricky Gervais and I don't like him neither, but his golden globe opening monologues are quite funny.

Except for 1 or 2 scenes this episode was again not really worth watching (IMO) =/
That has to be Ricky Gervais as the dolphin. Even though its been quite some time since i've last seen him in something i recognize that annoying "trying to be funny" attitude from him anywhere.

Still a pretty good episode though.
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