Lucky Louie

This show has ended

Premiered June 13, 2006

Country United States

Runtime 30m

Genres Comedy

Lucky Louie
Lucky Louie is an American television sitcom created by Louis C.K., which aired on HBO for one season in 2006. C.K. stars as the eponymous Louie, a part-time mechanic. The show revolves around the life of Louie, who lives with his wife, Kim, who is a full-time nurse, and their four-year-old daughter, Lucy. A first for HBO, Lucky Louie was filmed before a live studio audience, in a multiple-camera setup.
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Recently aired episodes

September 3, 2006

1x13 Clowntime Is Over

August 27, 2006

1x12 Kim Moves Out

August 20, 2006

1x11 Louie Quits

August 13, 2006

1x10 Confession

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A very pleasant surprise! This series is a forgotten jewel that all fans of Louis C.K. should watch! Pamela Adlon is AMAZING in this! I wish the more modern Louie series would have more episode with her!
...and I wouldn't kick Pamela Adlon out of bed if she farted.
Before it's time. Fantastic show. I think the c#nt episode was the nail in the coffin but far more... hmm, effective(?)/less of a gimmick(?) than the "shocking" use on Sex in the City a few years earlier.

"Louie" is worth the visit if you are a C.K. fan, close to his standup work.
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