Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

This show has ended

Premiered October 9, 2011

Runtime 25m

Genres Action, Adventure, Animation, Science Fiction

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
A colonized space had finally achieved peace, until a mysterious enemy, the UE, enters the scene and attacks colonies and other targets. Our main protagonist is from a destroyed colony, safely living on another. Before fleeing and surviving the attack however, he is entrusted with a data package which contains the one hope for humans to stand up against this powerful foe, plans for a Gundam. Flit Asuno has spent most of his years on this peaceful colony studying science and realizing the plans, cultivating in the production of one. One which Flit ends up piloting himself when his new home is threatened.
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one of the the worst gundam series i have seen and i have seen most of them. Still ok to watch just lacked in certain areas
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