New Girl

» 1x16

Country United States

Runtime 30m

1x16 Control

After Jess realizes that Schmidt is unfairly doing all of the housework, she pushes him to "go on strike," and the entire ecosystem of the loft is thrown off balance. Meanwhile, Nick scrambles when he must pay up to Winston after losing a poker game.
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Winston, Nick and Jess manipulate Schmidt back into his neurosis so that they can avoid doing house work. Disgusting. These are characters that we can look up to? No, I realize that we are supposed to chuckle at their mishaps, but this episode wrote the characters as selfish, irresponsible and uncaring. Schmidt, yes Schmidt, comes out as the diamond in the rough that captures our sympathy this episode.
This show is so much better now! I'm so glad I didn't stop watching!
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