Oz and James Drink to Britain

» 1x07

Runtime 30m

1x07 Cider and Gin

Oz and James begin their exploration of south-west England with a trip to a traditional cider farm in Somerset, where they meet 'the Godfather of cider', Frank Naish, who at 84 is still going strong. Then they head further west to sample some decidedly upmarket cider brandy before visiting the famous Plymouth Gin distillery, where James gets to make his own gin and Oz learns how to be a professional barman. And then disaster strikes the caravan, again. Luckily they break down outside a pub. The next day finds them at the beautiful Camel Valley vineyard where, despite the typical August weather, rain, they enjoy tasting proper English wine. Finally they head for a delightful Cornish pub serving delicious Cornish beer. Oz has a surprise in store for James, which unfortunately for Oz backfires in a way he could not have predicted.
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