» 1x01

Country United States

Runtime 40m

1x01 Pilot

A family struggles in an American landscape of empty cities, militias and freedom fighters, where every piece of technology has blacked out forever.
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That was painful! Not sure I can be bothered with episode 2!
The series' concept looks promising, but I fear this may end up doing a "Terra Nova". If the writers can avoid falling into the same trap of focusing on the "dysfunctional family" stuff and manage keep the plot focused on the interesting/unique part of the story it's certainly got room to grow into.
Could live with or with out it...not a bad pilot but not really good either.

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I'll give it one more episode but only because I like the premise.
É Lost revisitado! Preguiça!
Weirdest episode ever Tv Series for WP
Interesting story and relatively good acting. I didn't like the fighting scene though, hope they are able to get that more convincing.
That was painful! Not sure I can be bothered with episode 2!
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