Ronin Warriors

» 1x05

Runtime 30m

1x05 Halo's Prison

Ryo, Mia, and Yuli, have deciphered the poem to reveal the key phrase in finding Sage of the Halo. ""The Darkest Prison sheds the Light"". This leads Mia to believe that Sage is buried deep within the Pinnacle Cavern System (wouldn't ya know it, she was right too!) Ryo and the gang go to Pinnacle to find Sage, but instead find a rather irritated Sekhmet. Sekhemet reveals that he let Ryo believe that he had killed Sekhmet, so that Ryo would lead him straight to Sage (a trend that follows through the next five or sixe episodes, that conveniently, none of the warriors ever catch onto). Ryo engages the warlord, telling Mia and Yuli to run, he immediately notices a difference in the strength and speed of his armor. He seems to have the upper hand, until Sekhmet threw six katanas, all six dripping with poison, at Ryo. Ryo dodged them all, but one came too close and dripped the poison into Ryo's wide open eyes, blinding him. Sekhemet was about to deal the final blow, when White Blaze rushed in
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