Sleeper Cell

This show has ended

Premiered September 4, 2005

Country United States

Runtime 60m

Genres Drama

Sleeper Cell
A chilling and unflinching look at all sides of a complicated issue, focusing on an African-American Muslim who joins an Islamic sleeper terrorist cell in the United States while working undercover for the FBI. Lift the veil of secrecy to reveal a riveting and authentic look at the war on terrorism. Explore the many facets of Islam and the repercussions of its extremism when it clashes with Western society.
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one of the best & most underrated shows out there! absolute shame it only got 2 seasons not surprised though hardly anyone has ever heard of it but if they did it would've been hugely popular. i highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. i'm watching it again for the 2nd time now since it's been a few years since i last saw it.
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