Stargate Atlantis

» Season 1
183 votes

1x01 Rising (1)

July 16, 2004 9:00 pm
A new Stargate team embarks on a dangerous mission to a distant galaxy, where they discover a mythical lost city -- and a deadly new enemy.
65 votes

1x02 Rising (2)

July 16, 2004 9:00 pm
Sheppard tries to convince Weir to mount a rescue mission to free Colonel Sumner, Teyla, and the others captured by the Wraith.
148 votes

1x03 Hide and Seek

July 23, 2004 9:00 pm
The Atlantis base is threatened when the team discovers that an alien entity is in the city. McKay's experiment with alien technology goes awry.
131 votes

1x04 Thirty-Eight Minutes

July 30, 2004 9:00 pm
The team finds themselves in mortal danger when their Puddle Jumper ship becomes lodged in the Stargate.
115 votes

1x05 Suspicion

August 6, 2004 9:00 pm
After a series of run-ins with the Wraith, the team begins to suspect their Athosian allies of having a spy in their midst.
97 votes

1x06 Childhood's End

August 13, 2004 9:00 pm
Sheppard and the team visit a world where no one is over 24 years old -- because of a ritual suicide practice they believe keeps the Wraith at bay.
107 votes

1x07 Poisoning the Well

August 20, 2004 9:00 pm
The team finds a world whose people are on the brink of a discovery that may make them immune to the Wraith feeding.
105 votes

1x08 Underground

August 27, 2004 9:00 pm
Efforts to open trade relations with a species called the Genii turn sour when the team discovers their new "allies" have ulterior motives.
107 votes

1x09 Home

September 10, 2004 9:00 pm
McKay's efforts to harness the energy of an alien planet's atmosphere allows for a return trip to Earth -- but the team may not be able to return to Atlantis.
104 votes

1x10 The Storm (1)

September 17, 2004 9:00 pm
When a massive storm threatens the city, Atlantis is evacuated -- only to be taken over by the team's newest enemy.
98 votes

1x11 The Eye (2)

January 21, 2005 9:00 pm
Major Sheppard plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with soldiers who have seized control of Atlantis and taken Weir and McKay hostage.
93 votes

1x12 The Defiant One

January 28, 2005 9:00 pm
Sheppard's team investigates a downed Wraith ship, and find themselves stuck on a planet with a lone Wraith survivor.
106 votes

1x13 Hot Zone

February 4, 2005 9:00 pm
Nearly a third of Atlantis's residents are infected with a deadly virus that causes hallucinations and death, forcing a lockdown of the city.
99 votes

1x14 Sanctuary

February 11, 2005 9:00 pm
The team finds a paradise world that would make an ideal sanctuary for those fleeing from the Wraith, but the local inhabitants believe their goddess will not permit it.
105 votes

1x15 Before I Sleep

February 18, 2005 9:00 pm
A woman is found in suspended animation in Atlantis, and the team is shocked to see that it is Dr. Weir herself, who tells them of her trip 10,000 years into the city's past.
100 votes

1x16 The Brotherhood

February 25, 2005 9:00 pm
The team searches for a valuable Zero Point Module rumored to be hidden on the planet Dagan -- but their new allies have motives of their own.
96 votes

1x17 Letters from Pegasus

March 4, 2005 9:00 pm
With a brief opportunity to send a data transmission to Earth, members of the Atlantis expedition compose video messages home to their loved ones.
90 votes

1x18 The Gift

March 11, 2005 9:00 pm
Plagued by terrifying nightmares, Teyla begins to recall a time when she and her father were captured by the Wraith and subjected to disturbing experiments.
117 votes

1x19 The Siege (1)

March 18, 2005 9:00 pm
With a group of Wraith hive ships on the way to Atlantis, the team searches for a place to flee and a way to destroy the city. McKay leads a team to try and activate the Ancients' orbital weapons platform.
117 votes

1x20 The Siege (2)

March 25, 2005 9:00 pm
A new military contingent from Earth is sent to take command of Atlantis and defend it from the impending Wraith attack.
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