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2x01 Stranded

January 28, 2001 8:00 pm
Survivor is back, and this time the 16 American contestants will be battling it out in The Australian Outback for 42 days, all vying for the grand prize of $1million. At the beginning of the show, the 16 are split into two tribes - Kucha and Ogakor. In the first 3 days in the Outback, Debb begins to get on the nerves of her fellow islanders with her attempts to take control, while Kimmi's over-eagerness to have fun grabs Jeff the wrong way, and Keith and Jerri clash almost immediately. When Ogakor wins the first Immunity Challenge, Kucha makes the long hike to Tribal Council where, with a 7-1 unanimous vote, Debb is voted out of the Outback. The tribe has spoken.
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2x02 Suspicion

February 1, 2001 8:00 pm
By Day 4, the seperation from food really starts to take a toll on some of the contestants. No food is offered at the Reward Challenge, where Rodger faces his fears and jumps off a cliff only to have his tribe lose, but everyone is bound to get some nutrition with the Immunity Challenge. Unfortunatley, the food supplied - cow brains, beetles, and worms - isn't what the castaways are hoping for, and Tina can't stomach it, giving Kucha, led by vegetarian Kimmi, Immunity from Tribal Council, which is exactly where Ogakor is forced to go. At the vote, Jerri's suspicions that Kel has been eating a secret stash of beef jerky seems to be enough to get him kicked off, as Kel becomes the second Outback competitor to get his torch snuffed.
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2x03 Trust No One

February 8, 2001 8:00 pm
Mike becomes obsessed in hunting for a pig for his tribe but Jeff thinks that Mike's an idiot. At the Reward Challenge, Ogakor won by wining Fish Bait. Jerri, Amber & Mitchell went fishing and ended up catching fish for their tribe. At Kucha, everyone begins calling Rodger "Kentucky Joe". Rodger finds a heart shaped stone and gives it to Elisabeth so she can give it to her boyfriend back home. Jeff & Alicia make an alliance and add that Nick should not feel safe and that he's way too confident. Back at Ogakor, Jerri & Colby continue to get closer when Jerri spends the day massaging Colby's back. Keith becomes suspicious by there attraction and says he would vote out Colby. At Immunity, Maralyn keeps falling down which helps Kucha wins there 2nd straight Immunity. Keith asked Tina & Colby to vote with him to vote out Mitchell. At Tribal Council, Mitchell recieves 1 vote, Jerri recieves 1 vote, and Maralyn recieves 5 votes and is voted out.
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2x04 The Killing Fields

February 15, 2001 8:00 pm
Keith & Tina begin the day to go fishing untill Jerri takes the boat instead which frustrates Keith because he wanted to stratigize with Tina. Both Tina & Keith begin to feel in trouble because of Jerri comments lastnight that she felt close with Amber, Mitchell & Colby. At Reward, Kucha pulls off another victory. A forest fire is creeping closer to Ogakor camp as the survivors get worried. Tina admited to both Colby & Mitchell that she feels Jerri is bossy. Kimmi gets mad when everyone expresses they want some meat. Mike feels threatened by the chickens admiting that his role in the camp is gone. Jerri joins Colby in his pig hunting to try and win his alligence. Mike finally catches a pig and everyone enjoy's a great lunch. At Immunity, Kucha pulls off another victory. At Tribal Council, we have our first tie between Mitchell & Keith and because Mitchell has more votes he is voted out.
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2x05 The Gloves Come Off

February 22, 2001 8:00 pm
Jerri wakes up to find smoke covering camp from the fire, but has other things on her mind - just recentley she has realized that Colby has an alliance with Tina & Keith. Jerri talks with Amber and tells her the importence in getting Colby back on their side. At Kucha camp, Kimmi becomes more and more depressed because no one respects that she's a vegetarian. She and Alicia get into a fight over the chickens and begin shouting. Later, Kucha wins the reward challenge, getting soaps and shampoos, and the other tribe members bathe a reluctant Kimmi in the dirty river water. At the Immunity Challenge, Ogakor breaks their losing streak, sending Kucha to Tribal Council, where Kimmi recieves 6 votes and is voted out of the game. The tribe has spoken.
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2x06 Trial By Fire

March 1, 2001 8:00 pm
Things seem to be looking up for Kucha - their winning streak looks to be restarting, as they steal the Reward Challenge from right under Ogakor's noses, and they create a new kind of food: Kucha corn, made by heating up chicken feed. But the same fire that cheers the Kucha tribe up turns suddenly volatile when tribe "leader" Michael passes out from smoke inhalation, and falls face-first into the camp fire. Mike is flown away to a hospital via helicopter, leaving his tribemates behind. Meanwhile, the Ogakor tribe, given the bittersweet gift of Mike's elimination, worry about what has happened when they receive treemail announcing the accident. Next week the tribes will merge on equal ground - who will come out prosperous?
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2x07 The Merge

March 8, 2001 8:00 pm
Kucha and Ogakor receive tree mail at their camps - the tribes are merging, and as a pre-merge twist, the women are all meeting together at Ogakor camp and the men are all converging at Kucha camp. With everyone ready to move full-time into the Kucha territory, all are surprised to learn that they will be living in a new section of the Outback, and that they will have to create a new shelter, and adapt to their new surroundings. Despite some merging festivities, where the castaways become Barramundi and receive a big picnic basket full of elaborate platters, the tribal lines run deep as former tribemates strategize the best way to pick off each member of the opposing tribe. The Immunity challenge lures Keith into a strong sense of safety when he withstands an endurance competition longer than anyone else, who all settle for temptations. At Tribal Council, it comes down to a nail-biting tie between Jeff and Colby - but Jeff, who has already received at least one vote in a previous tribal council, is sent home, just missing a spot on the jury.
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2x08 Friends?

March 14, 2001 8:00 pm
Desperate to keep her tribe alive, Elisabeth begins to think that she can possibly lure Tina to vote for Jerri, the perfect person to target, because of her annoyance-level at camp. At the Reward Challenge, everyone gets some time off from Jerri and her pocket pet when Jerri wins a boomerang throw and decides to take Amber with her for a feast. Later, Jerri and Amber share their suspicions that Keith and Tina may be thinking about going against the former Ogakor members, and at the Immunity Challenge, Jerri loses her chance to vote out Keith when he wins Immunity for the second time in a row. At Tribal Council, Elisabeth's plan to get rid of Jerri fails to work when one of her own comrades, Alicia, is voted out of the Barramundi Tribe.
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2x09 The First 24 Days: A Closer Look

March 21, 2001 8:00 pm
A recap of the first 24 days.
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2x10 Honeymoon or Not?

March 29, 2001 8:00 pm
The rainy season hit the Australian Outback, dampening the spirits of some of the tribe. The excessive rains caused the river to become muddy, and most of the fishing hooks were lost. The lack of fish forced the tribe to eat more rice, which diminished their supply. When news of the reward challenge came and said that they needed to pair up, Jerri wanted to pick her partner (which would have been Colby) instead of drawing names out of a hat. However, they picked names out of a hat anyway, and ironically, Jerri was paired with Colby anyway. Amber and Keith defeated Rodger and Tina, while Colby and Jerri beat Nick and Elisabeth. Even though they had trouble at the climbing wall and Colby dropped Jerri, they narrowly defeated Amber and Keith to win reward. Once they got off the helicopter and on to the boat, Colby told Jerri he did not want to talk about the game at all, but just to enjoy where they were. When they got back to Barramundi, Colby gave everyone their own piece of coral from the reef. It was revealed later to production staff that removing coral from the Great Barrier Reef is illegal, and a warning appeared stating such before the episode's original Australian broadcast on the Nine Network. Colby wanted Nick gone before Elisabeth and Rodger because he considered them more of a threat. Nick knew he needed to win immunity to stay alive in the game. Rodger took down Keith, Nick beat Jerri, Colby beat Tina, and Amber beat Elisabeth. In the second round, Colby beat Rodger and Nick beat Amber. In the finals, Nick pulled Colby into the water and won his first immunity. On the way back to camp, Jerri said that Ogakor decided Elisabeth would be the next one to go. Elisabeth talked to Tina and told her she would be voting Jerri out. Colby said that even though he wants to get rid of Jerri, they should wait until Kucha is gone. Keith said that his gut feeling was to do the same. However, Keith and Colby along with Tina voted with the Kucha 3 to get Jerri out, 6-2.
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2x11 Let's Make a Deal

April 5, 2001 8:00 pm
As the days grow longer and the temperature increases, the energy-less Barramundi Tribe quickly shifts into survival mode, trying to find a way to get food, since they only have one cup of rice left. At the Reward Challenge, everyone is treated to some food during a Survivor Acution, but it doesn't last long, and it does not give the tribe energy enough to sustain themselves. It's obvious how tired the players are during the strenuos Immunity Challenge, which Colby wins, and later, Jeff Probst makes a deal with the castaways to trade all of their tarps for more rice to last the final thirteen days in the Outback. The survivors make the trade, but how will they cope without shelter? The issue is put on the back burner as the Ogakor alliance votes off Nick, making him the third member of the jury.
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2x12 No Longer Just a Game

April 12, 2001 8:00 pm
The remaining 6 survivors compete in a reward challenge which see's Colby wining yet again. Colby for his reward got to ride on a horse and have a shower while he had a feast. The 5 others returned home to find their shelter destroyed by a flash flood. Rodger worried when he can't find the tin of rice. Tina & Keith hiked down the river to find the rice and swam in the currenty water to retrieve the tin of rice. Colby woke up and had eggs, and bacon as part of his reward. Colby was shocked when he returned to camp to find it destroyed by the flood. The survivors worked together to re-build their shelter. At the immunity challenge Colby yet again won. At Tribal Council, Rodger recieved 2 votes while Amber recieved 4 votes and became the 4th Jury Member.
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2x13 Enough Is Enough

April 19, 2001 8:00 pm
The remaining 5 survivors: Colby, Tina, Elisabeth, Rodger & Keith were begining to get homesick. Tina explained how she missed her husband and her children. Elisabeth stated that she missed her mother. The survivors at the reward challenge got to email their loved ones. Keith suprised his girlfriend by proposing to her; she said yes. Tina's husband won the challenge and got to talk to Tina for awhile. The survivors decided to play a friendly game of frisbie. Keith & Colby got into a huge fight over rice proportions. At Immunity, Colby yet again won. At Tribal Council, Keith recieves 2 votes while Rodger recieves 3 and becomes the 5th Jury Member.
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2x14 The Final Four

April 26, 2001 8:00 pm
It's day 37 in the Outback, and only four contestants remain. With Rodger gone, Elisabeth is the only member of the original Kucha tribe remaining, and is pulling out all the stops to get herself in to the final two, as she believes she will win if she makes it that far. The Reward Challenge consisted of many elements of previous challenges, and ended with Colby winning a car and a visit from his mother. The Survivors learned that, between them, they had lost 85 pounds during the last five weeks, and when Colby wins the Immunity Challenge as well, he must make a difficult decision as he contemplates voting off Keith, "the least deserving." As the contestants receive care packages from home, one of them is going home and, with a unanimous 3-1 vote at Tribal Council, Elisabeth Filarkski, the last remaining Kuchan, was voted out of Barramundi. Only Colby, Keith and Tina remain. Who will win?
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2x15 The Most Deserving

May 3, 2001 8:00 pm
It's the last three days in the Outback, and only Keith, Tina and Colby remain. They are set a challenge to carve totem poles to "give back to the land," causing Colby to enter a reflective mood. On the penultimate day, they tossed their totem poles in to a waterfall as an act of respect and then took part in their final Immunity Challenge, a question-and-answer round about their departed tribemates. Colby won Immunity, and cast the single vote that got rid of Keith, and placed him and Tina in the final two. After they dismantled camp and looked down on the Outback from the highest peak they could find, the final two Survivors headed to their final Tribal Council, where after their speeches and quizzing from seven former members of Barramundi, the Jury cast their votes. We then cut to a live show from Los Angeles, where host Jeff Probst revealed the results of the Jury vote live. In a 4-3 vote, Tina Wesson, the 40-year-old Nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, walked away with $1million and the title of Ultimate Survivor.
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2x16 Survivor: The Australian Outback Reunion

May 3, 2001 8:00 pm
The Reunion Episode
5 votes

2x17 Back from the Outback

May 10, 2001 8:00 pm
This episode follows the life of each Survivor 2 member after they came back from the Outback.
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