Terra Nova

» 1x08

Country United States

Runtime 60m

1x08 Vs.

As Taylor searches for the "Sixer" mole within Terra Nova, Jim stumbles onto an old murder, for which Taylor is the prime suspect.
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Easily the best episode so far...lots of info given finally.
Cada vez más interesante, la verdad es que me gusta ,esta bien para pasar un rato y a ver que pasa con el dichoso cofre (via TVShow for wp7)
total tosh
I agree. I think they're trying to do the same thing as Stargate Atlantis. Explore the universe and setting of the show in the first season, and introduce "the enemy" from the second onwards.
@wanderer: Yep, definitely looks like it. Im glad they explained the mysterious writings on the wall so early and Taylor's past.

The best episode since the first episode aired.
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