The Apprentice (US)

» 12x11

Country United States

Runtime 120m

12x11 Jingle All the Way Home

The stars must write and perform a 90-second jingle for a roadside-assistance program. But the task lacks harmony when mutinies and internal power plays mar both teams.
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Yes, indeed. All thanks to the crazy women.
Arsenio was totally right when he said "She can't say something that doesn't sound selfish". Aubrey is all about Me, Myself & I.
And this Lisa is probably the most condescending, agressiv & instable person on TV. And that is all she can do, talk bad about other people, she made it her profession. 'nuff said.
I can't see why anyone would want to work with these women!?

After all I think Lou Ferrigno & Dayana Mendoza can feel really proud about how they played the game - that doesn't go for everyone ;)

This episode was really exhausting.
I think the women are messing up both teams. Really wish Aubrey and Lisa were gone!
its crazy how fractured these two teams are now as compared to the beginning.
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