The Benny Hill Show

» Season 7
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7x01 Show 25

December 17, 1975 12:00 am
1.Benny Quickie: Don't Jump! 2.Another Host of Your Favourite Stars! 3.Benny's Ballad: Lulubelle 4.Pearl & Plain Shopping Centre 5.Is There Anything In It? Fred Scuttle: The Mind Reader 6.Benny Quickie: Just Raped! 7.Some Quickies on The Dance Floor 8.Jack & Jill: Variations on a Theme 9.Benny's Mexican Cabaret 10.Benny Quickie: Dribble's Sights of London Tour 11.The New Vicar: A Monologue 12.Benny Quickies: Too Late! 13.Dilys Watling: That Ain't No Way to Treat A Lady 14.El Paso 15.Closing: Sports Day
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7x02 Show 26

February 18, 1976 12:00 am
1.Benny Quickie: Your Own Food! 2.Guest Stars 3.Benny's Ballad: Jake 4.World Of Sport 5.Benny & Jackie as Luke & Tinker 6.Benny Quickie: Fly Spray? 7.Fatricia & Feter: The Pinal Foem of Faul Pinch 8.Benny Quickie: A Limerick 9.Some More Quickies on The Dance Floor 10.Strangers in The Night 11.Benny Quickie: Bus Stop 12.Benny Introduces Love Machine 13.Benny Quickies: Misunderstandings! 14.Transistor Radio 15.Closing: Bill Poster
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7x03 Show 27

March 24, 1976 12:00 am
1.More Guest Stars 2.Benny & Brenda Arnau: Native Song of Luana 3.Domestic Bliss! 4.Captain Fred Scuttle Space Ace 5.Henry McGee Cooks Chinese With Fanee & Jonee Claddock 6.Brenda Arnau: Tell It Like It Is 7.Murder On The Oregon Express 8.The Lower Tidmarsh Fire Brigade Glee Singers 9.The Misadventures of Robin Hood 10.Closing: Benny's Snuff Box
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7x04 Show 28

April 21, 1976 12:00 am
1.Benny's Ballad: So Many Girls 2.Humphrey Bumphrey: Continuity Announcer 3.Sale Of The Half Century 4.Getting To Know You 5.Eddie Buchanan & Love Machine: Dancing In The Nude 6.Paul Eddington Asks: "Is There Anything In It?" 7.Benny Quickie: This Just Ain't Your Day 8.Biology With Bellamy 9.Supersonic 10.Closing: German Department Store
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