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» Season 11
74 votes

11x01 Beyond Blunderdome

September 26, 1999 8:00 pm
Homer befriends Mel Gibson just as Mel is completing a remake of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Homer convinces Mel to make the film more violent, with disastrous results.
79 votes

11x02 Brother's Little Helper

October 3, 1999 8:00 pm
When Bart commits an extremely destructive prank, he is given Focusyn, a pill to help him concentrate in school. At first the results are impressive, and then Bart starts believing in a conspiracy involving spy satellites and major league baseball.
80 votes

11x03 Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?

October 24, 1999 8:00 pm
With Lisa's help, Homer uses his vast knowledge of food to become the town's leading restaurant critic. But when he gets petty and vindictive in his criticisms, all the other chefs in town try to kill him.
94 votes

11x04 Treehouse of Horror X

October 31, 1999 8:00 pm
In "I Know What You Diddily-Iddly-Did" the SImpsons fear they have killed Ned Flanders. "Desperately Xeeking Xena" satirizes superheroes of yore with "Stretch Dude" Bart and "Clobber Girl" Lisa. And "Life's A Glitch, Then You Die" depicts the upcoming horror of Y2K.
91 votes

11x05 E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)

November 7, 1999 8:00 pm
Fleeing from a duel, Homer takes his family to live on a farm. There he discovers that by mixing tomatoes, tobacco and radioactivity from the nuclear plant, he can create a dangerously delicious new substance.
79 votes

11x06 Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder

November 14, 1999 8:00 pm
Homer bowls a perfect 300 game, then concludes that the greatest accomplishment of his life is behind him. He reconnects with the world by bonding with baby Maggie.
68 votes

11x07 Eight Misbehavin'

November 21, 1999 8:00 pm
Due to overuse of fertility medication, Apu and wife Manjula give birth to octuplets. Desperate for money, Apu loans the babies to an unscrupulous carny promoter, then needs Homer's help to get them back.
73 votes

11x08 Take My Wife, Sleaze

November 28, 1999 8:00 pm
After winning a motorcycle at a dance contest, Homer becomes part of a motorcycle gang. But when he puts Marge's photo in a biker magazine, a much tougher gang takes her, and he must win her back.
73 votes

11x09 Grift of the Magi

December 19, 1999 8:00 pm
In this Christmas-themed episode, the students of Springfield Elementary are unwittingly used as a focus group to test new toys. The product of their labors, a cuddly doll named Funzo, is a lot more sinister than he appears.
71 votes

11x10 Little Big Mom

January 9, 2000 8:00 pm
When Marge leaves the house to recuperate from a skating injury, everything goes to hell - until Lisa convinces Homer and Bart they have leprosy.
75 votes

11x11 Faith Off

January 16, 2000 8:00 pm
Homer gets a bucket stuck on his head, and when it is removed the town is convinced that Bart has the powers of a faith healer. Then mobster Fat Tony tries to turn the boy's spiritual abilities into more sinister directions.
68 votes

11x12 The Mansion Family

January 23, 2000 8:00 pm
Worried about his health, Mr. Burns visits the Mayo Clinic. He lets Homer housesit his mansion, which leads of course to an offshore knife fight and an attack by Chinese pirates.
70 votes

11x13 Saddlesore Galactica

February 6, 2000 8:00 pm
Homer and Bart befriend a diving horse at a county fair. They turn it into a racehorse with an attitude, whose success runs them afoul of mysterious, tree-dwelling jockeys.
76 votes

11x14 Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

February 13, 2000 8:00 pm
Ned's wife Maude is inadvertently killed by a T-shirt accident at an auto race. Homer and his family try to help Ned cope.
68 votes

11x15 Missionary: Impossible

February 20, 2000 8:00 pm
When Homer fails to give money he promised over the phone, he is forced by PBS stars to flee the country. He becomes a missionary on a small tropical island, where he introduces the natives to casino gambling.
64 votes

11x16 Pygmoelian

February 27, 2000 8:00 pm
Plastic surgery gives Moe the bartender a handsome new face and a whole new life as a soap opera star.
78 votes

11x17 Bart to the Future

March 19, 2000 8:00 pm
We see a possible future in which Bart is a grown-up slacker, living with Ralph Wiggum, while Lisa is no less than President of the United States.
68 votes

11x18 Days of Wine and D'ohses

April 9, 2000 8:00 pm
1 watching
After being embarrassed by a drunken video of himself, Barney vows to sober up. Newly clean, he gets work as a helicopter pilot.
73 votes

11x19 Kill the Alligator and Run

April 30, 2000 8:00 pm
After a terrible bout with insomnia, Homer takes the family to Florida during spring break. There, they kill a beloved alligator and are sentenced to a chain gang.
64 votes

11x20 Last Tap Dance in Springfield

May 7, 2000 8:00 pm
Lisa enters a tap dancing academy, where the teacher is a child star who never quite grew up. Meanwhile, Homer gets laser eye surgery.
67 votes

11x21 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

May 14, 2000 8:00 pm
When Otto dumps his bride at the altar, she goes to live with the Simpsons - and the family comes to believe that Marge has lost her mind.
64 votes

11x22 Behind the Laughter

May 21, 2000 8:00 pm
In this satire of VH1's "Behind The Music," we learn the secrets of the Simpsons' rise, fall, and ultimate success.
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