The Simpsons

» 23x16

Country United States

Runtime 30m

23x16 How I Wet Your Mother

Karma gets the best of Homer after he gets his friends in trouble, and as a result, his bedwetting problem worsens. The family goes on a mission to infiltrate his dreams to search for clues in his subconscious to determine the source of his problem. But just as things take a dangerous turn in the dream, a figure from Homer's past appears, and he is finally reassured that the fond memories of his mother Mona (guest voice Glenn Close) remain alive, giving him just the right amount of reassurance to cure him of his problem.
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"You are garbage made flesh!"
Parodia muy buena de "origen" me encantan los capĂ­tulos asĂ­
Agreed a great episode. Homer in the nappy was so funny
Oh death, you'r a lifesaver! best episode this year at least.
Agreed. Together with Holidays of Future Passed the best episodes of this season.

I was wondering if they ever were gonna do a Inception based episode. South Park did one more than a year ago. It's hard to say witch one is better, they both have their own funny moments.
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