ThunderCats (2011)

» 1x13

Country United States

Runtime 30m

1x13 Between Brothers

While Lion-O and Tygra are in the Astral Plane dealing with their issues which have been magnified by the powers of Mumm-Ra who wants them to destroy each other, the other Thundercats protect the village from Slithe, Grune and the Lizard army. The Elephants make a surprising decision after meditating and Lion-O realizes the truth of being betrayed by Tygra. Panthro has some interesting flashbacks while telling Wily Kit and Wily Kat how Grune lost his tooth, and in the end Panthro makes a sacrifice to defeat his enemy.
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From here on out I think the show starts to loose it's way. The writing and voice direction of the episodes preceding the episode were deep, compelling and most of interesting. They tackled classic themes of the heroes journey on his rise to power. But in this episode it begins to devolve into petty childish rivalry between Tygra and Liono fighting over Chetara. The fighting over a girl theme came out of no where and felt like it was thrown in to add additional conflict. It didn't work. In my opinion it made all the characters less likeable not because of their flaws but because of the boring, typical, childish way in which this conflict plays out. Even time Liono whines about the conflict, I groan, every time Tygra and Chetara expresses affection I groan. I appreciate that this is a cartoon meant for kids and that's exactly my problem with it. Pixar's best work was appropriate for kids but stuck to solid story telling paradigms and never took the cheap and easy way out. Given the radical shift the show takes I can't help but feel that outside forces stepped in and took the show in a different direction. That's really too bad because I honestly felt this show had the makings of something special, sadly it's turned into an average action cartoon.
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