Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil

This show has ended

Premiered September 29, 2010

Country Canada

Runtime 30m

Genres Comedy, Fantasy

Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil
TODD & THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL follows a book of awesome power that makes teenagers’ deepest, darkest desires come true, but at a horrifying cost. It’s The Book of Pure Evil and it’s loose in Crowley High. Thankfully, one horny teenager stands between the book and the end of the world as we know it. His name is Todd Smith and he will save their asses whether he wants to or not.
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I had a blast watching the show! Given that it aired in Canada I wasn't really aware of it's existance but there seems to be a big enough fandom to actually have crowdfunded a proper, animated, ending. It feels pretty much like a more vulgar version of Buffy with lots of gore. Just like that show it knows how to work the "gang". I think my only complaint is that the show seemingly added more swearwords with every episode and thereby making the dialogue more forced.
come back ;<
I love this shit <3
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