Tom and Jerry Kids Show

This show has ended

Premiered September 1, 1990

Country United States

Runtime 30m

Genres Animation, Children

Tom and Jerry Kids Show
This show is about how Tom and Jerry acted when they where kids. As they were kids, they also fought. Just like in their other show Tom and Jerry. They fought still after all the years. The Tom and Jerry Spin-Offs are Tom and Jerry and The New Tom and Jerry Show. Tom and Jerry First Appeared on ABC On September 16, 1990. And Ended in 1993. The Tom and Jerry Kids Show, now airs on Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Tom and Jerry Related Info ¢Tom and Jerry ¢The New Tom and Jerry Show ¢Tom and Jerry: The Movie ¢Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring Characters Tom: Tom is the cat. His enemy is Jerry. That's why they always fight, and play tricks together. And sometimes when they're in danger together, they put aside their differences and decide to help out each-other. Jerry: Jerry is the mouse.His enemy is Tom. That's why they are always fighting, and playing tricks on eachother. Jerry also likes to play tricks on Tom. Spike: Spike is the Dog.
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