XIII (2011)

This show has ended

Premiered April 18, 2011

Runtime 40m

Genres Action, Crime, Thriller

XIII (2011)
After getting out of a Rendition Camp, XIII is now trying to unravel the mystery of his past and put the pieces back together. Although the same forces from his past are also aware of this, with some wanting him to succeed for their own purposes and others who believe the truth will mark a dark day for the USA.
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The first season was good, but the second? Clusterf*ck of the highest incoherent order
@MindTooth it's called XIII: The series & i really liked the first season looking forward to the second but i think it was delayed.
On the English specials poster and on imdb and thetvdb it also says XIII. So i assume this is the right release name.
Some care to share the proper release name for this? All I get is a french version.
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