You're Being Summoned, Azazel-san

This show has ended

Premiered April 8, 2011

Country Japan

Runtime 15m

Genres Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

You're Being Summoned, Azazel-san
Akutabe, a detective, summons devils to solve the troubles of his clients. One day, a low class devil Azazel Atsushi is summoned by Akutabe and is used harshly by him and his assistant Rinko Sakuma.
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June 23, 2013

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Highly enjoyable but extremely low brow comedy where the overlords of the underworld end up being cute animals once they're summoned to earth. While the episodes themselves are only ten minutes long the stories usually take two of them to complete anyways.
super interesting..............
i wondew is there will have a season 2
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