You're Being Summoned, Azazel-san

» 1x05

Country Japan

Runtime 15m

1x05 Pity Curry Expo

Akutabe reveals to Rinko that Okada was turned into an iguana as punishment for his actions and prompts her to study the grimoire. Later, Rinko has shown promise in using the grimoire when she uses Beelzebub to stop a molester on a subway. Little does she know, the angel Sariel is tracking her down to take her grimoire. Rinko later meets with a client to take care of a case where a company's mascot has been plagiarized by another company. Tasked to find out who it is, she decides Beelzebub to expose the culprit, but it fails. She asks for Akutabe's help and he lends her Moloch. Later at a bar, her client meets with her and reprimands her for not finding the culprit yet, but is later put to shame when they find out he was the one who leaked the mascot's image in a drunken stupor. Despite this, he refuses to pay Rinko, she uses Beelzebub to cause him to want to defecate until he agrees to pay. Meanwhile, Sariel is getting close to Rinko and the demons.
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