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Detective Conan: Season 21

21x22 Wedding Eve (Part 1)

  • Aired2012-09-01T11:00:00+02:00
  • NetworkYTV
  • CountryJapan
  • LanguageJapanese
  • Runtime30 minutes

At Ristorante Sundayrino, Raita Banba and Hatsune Kamon are getting married. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are also there. Everybody is having a great time with them. Later, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are introducing themeselves to Kamon at the table. Ran heard that it was love at first sight for Banba and Kamon. As the night progresses, Banba receives a 'Goodbye' text message from Kamon. Outside, suddenly, Kamon's car exploded, right before Conan's eyes.