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Go On 2012

  • StatusCanceled
  • NetworkNBC
  • PremieredAugust 8, 2012
  • CountryUnited States
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Runtime22 minutes
  • Certification
  • GenresComedy

After taking some time to deal with the death of his wife, sportscaster Ryan King is ready to push his feelings down and get back to work. However, Ryan's boss, preferring that Ryan work through his grief first, refuses to let him back on air until he gets counseling. Reluctantly, Ryan joins a support group, where his lack of interest in healing not only makes therapy interesting but also may just serve as the breath of fresh air needed to get his fellow group members back on track to health.

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Shout by AlexVIP

Funny and enjoyable pilot, did like the preview months ago and the full episode didn't disappoint. Like this a lot more than Anger Management if we can compare... let's see where this will go. :)


Shout by Steve Davis

My mind just exploded when I read the comment saying Mr. Sunshine was funnier. That is scientifically impossible.

This show is growing on me, but it becomes sidetracked too easily. The group scenes are great, but when the show goes outside of that, it begins to go downhill. The Roenick/Hockey stuff in this weeks episode was boring, and certainly wasn't funny... which is odd because its the first time I've heard JR speak without it being outlandishly halarious. Real life Roenick is funnier than actor Roenick.

Hopefully as the show progresses the writers tighten up the episodes.