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There are two groups, both consisting of five teams. Once the first group of five teams has served their dishes, and received a score, the next group of five teams then does the same. In the end, the team with the highest score from either group, will compete in the finals.

1x11 Quarter Finals 1


Similar to the Kitchen Cook-off, 6 Teams went head to head in pairs, where 3 would advance. Clint & Noah received the highest points from the whole round and automatically proceeded to the Grand Final. The remaining two successful teams from this round (Mossy & Gabe and Veronica & Shadi) faced off in the Semi Final to compete against Clint & Noah. Holly & Grace vs Mossy & Gabe

1x12 Quarter Finals 2


Clint & Noah vs Paul & Mel

1x13 Quarter Finals 3


Veronica & Shadi vs Tanja & Gen

1x14 Semifinal


Mossy & Gabe and Veronica & Shadi competed for the final position to compete in the Grand Final.

1x15 Grand Final


Clint & Noah and Veronica & Shadi competed for the last time ever in Kitchen HQ, and both were vying to become the first ever winners of My Kitchen Rules.