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Breaking Bad
24,392 votes
Amazing show must watch for anyone!

Kyle XY
808 votes
Kyle is a surprising serie with a fantastic first season. The second season progressively decline and the third season is completely disappointing. In my opinion, it could be ended after the first 10 episodes being a small masterpiece.

True Blood
9,245 votes
Love it!!!


Ghostland Tennessee
1 votes
The show will have premiere September 7 on Destination America. Under the name Ghost Asylum

Two and a Half Men
5,638 votes
It is great if you like the humour and I guess it is a little men-oriented.
I could easily mark it with 10 up until Charlie Sean was on the show. Now with Aston Kutcher, not so much, hence the 8 from me!

10,028 votes
What can I say? It's "Friends"! If you havent seen it or not like it then something must be wrong with you!
A comedy show with great "replay value"! Gets my seal of approval!

How I Met Your Mother
17,052 votes
A great comedy show on par with the best of its kind (aka Friends). It is fun and clever with interesting characters.
Maybe it lost its edge during the last season where it became almost surreal but the journey till then was nice and filled with clever and relatable jokes and catchphrases without getting tiresome.
I would recommended to anyone who liked "Friends"!

Under the Dome
5,663 votes
A show based on an interesting idea but badly executed. Shallow characters and predictable outcomes didnt keep me hooked for long... After a few episodes, I stopped watching...

It is an amazing documentary series that gives an insight on airplane accidents. Thoroughly presented offers an opportunity to learn about crashes that took place recently and about the preventative measure taken since to avoid similar tragedies.
I recommended for those who can take it but should be avoided by those with a fear of flight...

18,284 votes
One of the greatest shows

Detective Conan
190 votes
My live

The Quest (2014)
28 votes
100% agree with everything N1ghtshade3 said. This show just seems like it's trying way too hard, there is just SO much cheese involved - it's pretty unbearable. I had high expectations for The Quest but even the "challenges" are pretty lame (for lack of a better word) They're not exciting or fascinating: as previously stated the first task was shooting at stationary targets and in episode 2 was riding on a horse and shooting at stationary targets. IMHO the only positives with The Quest is that they've done okay on the POC side of things (the Three Fates include an asian woman and a black woman) and the scenery and props are aesthetically very good - though I read it's filmed in Austria and a lot of money was put into the show. I don't really have anything better to add, overall pretty poor -- only watch if you think you'll be able to get past the terrible acting.

Game of Thrones
28,426 votes
Oh my god :-) I want to marry Khaleesi

True Detective
5,020 votes
F*cking hell!!! I haven't seen a great TV show like this in years.... I really have no idea how they will create a better season than the first one. But hey, I never thought that season one was that awesome!! Thumbs up

925 votes
The first three seasons were good but season four and five were a bit of a drag like i had to watch them just to finish the show.

Orange Is the New Black
5,528 votes
Great show to watch together with my wife on the couch. It is hilarious sometimes and has some nice mindfucks =]

Falling Skies
5,354 votes
I believe this story and TV show is damn good. Go and get into the storie, you'll love it!

American Horror Story
6,933 votes
One of my favourite shows! The first season was the creepiest, the second the most horrifying, the third one the most intriguing and I can't wait for the fourth! F R E A K S H O W.

440 votes
highly recommended!

6,973 votes
All time favourite show!

The Walking Dead
21,006 votes
October 12 season 5 coming soon

The Leftovers
790 votes
To those on the fence, and those who have given up hope. This show has many lessons for you. It takes patience, but pays in dividends.

10,996 votes
Best series ever xD

Attack on Titan
1,502 votes
Season 2 at last xD

The Pacific
1,866 votes
Have we all watched the same show? Have you read the reviews on IMDB? 10/10 really? Sorry but terrible. No character development and a horrendous last episode that could easily be forgotten.

The Slingshot
3 votes
Wow this was super depressing story/ Got even more depressing at episode 19. Superb acting.

Sports Night
142 votes
This was a brilliant show. Although it only lasted two seasons, it demonstrated the genius of Sorkin and paved the way for The West Wing.

The Firm
287 votes
Mores to the point if it's going to be dropped why end on cliff hangers?

Reckless (2014)
56 votes
I don't think you have to know Charleston to appreciate this show, but if you do, you'll catch things that perhaps the unfamiliar wouldn't. Probably the only reason I haven't given up is that I lived in Charleston... and Jamie, of course.

4 votes
Nuclear war focused on a city, you foot the soul falls to her, devastation and no future. I hope it does not come true

Sirens (2014)
147 votes
Muito boa está série amei

Under the Dome
5,663 votes
"I'm not saying it was aliens... But it was aliens" - Giorgio Tsoukalos

Black Jesus
31 votes
Good enough to keep watching with occasional laughs.

Orange Is the New Black
5,528 votes

12,572 votes
My favourite show! It's like the best of the best. Great actors, great story and development of the story, loved the cliffhangers... I loved everything in it. I miss Fringe.

Under the Dome
5,663 votes
This show has bad acting...but I still want to know how it's all going on...

New Girl
7,299 votes
I finished season 1 the other day. I think the actors can be really funny and Zooey is great, there is potential... but it's like the writers come up with the lamest stories possible.

Will keep watching, but slowly (many other shows to see...)

The Wire
4,552 votes
The best TV Show ever!
Absolutely brilliant!

La primera parte no esta mal, a partir de la trama de espionaje se vuelve un producto muy coñazo. El postureo femme fatale de la protagonista es insufrible. En general ella es de lo peor del elenco en mi opinión.

Judge Rinder
0 votes
Judge Rinder is so sassy and sarcastic, it makes my day!

Katt Williams
0 votes
trying to check in to priceless: afterlife but cant find it

The Lost Room
847 votes
This was really cool, definitely worth watching.

RuPaul's Drag Race
197 votes
If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?

Toy Story of Terror
19 votes
A fantastic mini set piece to the Toy Story franchise that pays homage to scary films, but equally develops into an escalating scenario that the films are so well known for. If the final resolution lacks the inventiveness and dramatic high that the films manage and the villain feels a little familiar to events in Toy Story 2, it is a minor complaint given how much they cram into the short length, even managing to link to Jessie's fears from the films. All the major cast are back and Carl Weathers is a great addition as Combat Carl. If a fourth film seems understandably unlikely, then future shorts like this will be extremely welcome and fun additions.

Shinya Shokudo
4 votes

Shinya Shokudo
4 votes

Shinya Shokudo
4 votes

Guys With Kids
237 votes
Such a shame that this show has been cancelled...Ernie is awesome!

1,076 votes


uhghhhh i love this show with all my heart

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