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Arrival 2016

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Shout by stormsm
2016-11-12T05:42:24-02:00— updated 2017-02-03T14:52:04-02:00

If you're looking for an action and "turn brain off now" film, just don't watch it and spare us the 6-7 hearts review.

I for one, am very tired from 500$m crap like Indi Day and Marvel's poop. So I was very excited to watch this one.

This one is more like Spielberg's Encounters from the Third Kind. It's more about the characters in the film and the amazing journey they go through. It's mostly about the human behavior that will make you think.

While it's not an End of the World aliens movie like Battle: Los Angeles, it still offers great amount of military presence and plenty of stuff that's going on.

So if you actually want to care about an intelligent movie and use your head - go. Otherwise, go watch an X men.

Highly recommended for some audience 10/10.

2-feb-2017 edit: Just came out on Bluray and I saw it again. Definitely keeping my rating.

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@stormsm I feel you on this subject but I don't think that this film is an intelligent movie. It is a well shot movie, so suspenseful and kinda thoughtful that what humans can do if they deal this situation. But the third act is a disappointment for me unfortunately. I care about "why they are here and what they are gonna do" thing but it didn't me satisfy. The film goes another subject.

Also, people can watch both Marvel movies and Sci-fi movies. If I can watch an X-Men movie, it doesn't mean that I cannot watch this movie. I see your point but there are other peoples like me takes this argument differently. Thanks...

@stormsm I absolutely loved this movie. Probably the best movie that I've watched this year. I just finished watching it for the second time (saw it opening weekend as well) and I loved the cinematography, all the subtleties, foreshadowing and masterful acting by Amy Adams. Knowing the big twist ahead of time (now), I was paying extra attention to all the hints and how the secret was revealed this time and was left in wonder all over again. And that final musical piece (Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight)... Gives me the feels every time.

@deanzel awesome dude that's exactly what I feel. Can't wait to watch it again! =D

@stormsm why is this the top rated review when it said almost nothing about the actual movie and is instead more focused on comparing it to, or streight up bashing, other movies.

@mokins there is plenty of information about the movie in its description. I don't want to add anything that will ruin the movie or create false expectations. Therefore, by comparing it to other experiences, people who know the movies I compared it to can relate or unrelate to my review and together with my 3rd paragraph can come to their own best conclusion.

@stormsm i get it you dont have to be offensive towards other movies... why cant i like both x men and arrival. I dont think that there are movie categories for dumb people and for smarte people

@reborn12008 Hi I never meant to be offensive and i'm sorry if some1 was offended. When i (used to) watch movies like X-men/Transformers etc, that to my opinion just throw shit in my face in form of $$$$ CGI with no story, I feel very underestimated from the film creators.

In this movie I felt like the production is appealing to my intellect and imagination, giving me something to actually think and talk about, imagine what if, or to try and sympathize (or not) with the character's feelings.

If on the other hand, you or anybody else like the gfx and explosions and good ol' good guys killing the bad guys - go right ahead and love X men. You would not love this movie so no point watching it (Like i won't watch x men anymore).
Thats why u gave it 5 . Has nothing to do with smart or dumb.

This is a good movie for me, and I love sci-fi, therefore this one is a 10 by my book.

@stormsm i gave it a 5 because i thought much of the scenes were unnecessary. Before i watch i thought the idea of this movie was quite interesting and i still think its very interesting. I just think they didnt do enough with this idea

@stormsm jesus fuck why would you think anybody who doesn't love the movie as much as you is a dumb person or having "turned off his brain"? It seems to me that you like things that makes you think like you're smart, which this movie clearly does for you, but that kinda language is unnecessary and people are entitled to their (negative) opinions, just as much as you.

what baffles me is that there are 50 people like you, judging by the number of upvotes. God help us all.

@stormsm you didn't say why it deserved a 10, so this review is us3less. Thanks anyway

@deanzel there was no foreshadowing, the aliens gift was being able to see the future. Perhaps if I was as lost as you, I would have enjoyed this awful movie. The music is just music, doesn't make me like a movie at all, lol, I can't believe that is one of your points about why it is a good movie.

Watch Coherence if you want a real "brain food" science fiction movie.

@stormsm no dude, just... no. Your review is as bad as the movie.

@blakblu Umm you do know that "foreshadowing is a literary device by which an author hints what is to come" (as per Wikipedia), and not some kind of super power, right? I was specifically talking about the hints and cinematic techniques the director, Villeneuve, and the screen writer, Heisserer, were using to foreshadow the ending, not that I thought the humans were granted some amazing power of ''foreshadowing"!!! Please, learn the basics of Cinema/Literature 101 (or just attend a High School Literature class for more than 5 minutes) before attempting to troll others. Good lord...

@reborn12008 I gave it a 2 because there was no science in it. Common sense was ignored by all of the characters. Why bring in a linguist at all? She was completely useless. If she was useful, then she should be able to talk to a whale, or a monkey too, right? What's the difference between how she tried to talk to the extremely advanced aliens and a primitive dog. The approach wouldn't work on the dog, monkey, whale or the aliens, just like it was useless in the movie.

It took 18 months for these idiots to get absolutely no where. Eventually the aliens gave up and showed Amy Adams the future. That's the way I understood the movie. This planet has 1000s of languages and thousands of characters in each language, not to mention all the dead languages. So why waste 18 months trying to teach them english? Duh! Duh! Duh! What complete idiots!

In the last 20 years man has reduced all those languages and characters into simple 1s and 0s, that can be used in any language. So why not start there? Quantum physics is universal and the obvious choice to use for aliens, just like we use it for communication now, across 1000s of languages. I'm sorry, this movie is just plain stupid.

@stormsm 6-7 is still a pretty good score though

@stormsm Couldn't agree more. I honestly feel that the only people giving it sub10 reviews are people who didn't understand the absolutely incredible conclusion. This ending is Inception-Level incredible.

@stormsm Can't we have a good review without downplaying other audience or acting as a smartass?

@blakblu holyshit, you "STEM mastur race" guys are not just cringe worthy, but also pathetic. Seems like you didn't even take an elementary course in physics, just a wannabe.

@xaliber what does physics have to do with anything? This movie had nothing to do with physics. And also, you don't no me at all. Why are you being a troll?

@deanzel this movie didn't have foreshadowing. The aliens gave her the ability to see the future. It was blatantly obvious throughout the movie.