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Westworld: Season 1

1x08 Trace Decay

The end is nigh
It's exposition time in Westworld, y'all! So Bernard was created because Ford wasn't able to recreate true emotion. Only another host could do it. Maybe this is analoge to programming we have now. In the early days of computing coders needed to code in assembly, tell the computer every operation it had to do. Nowadays we have higher level programming, in some cases we can even talk in natural language to it. So i think the way Ford works is not so far away to the way we work with computers. For me it is totally logical, that just hosts can model their own emotions, fulfill such a complicated task. My current Arnold-Theory is, that he was a host, that Ford created to do a similar task. But it got out of hand. So Bernard is Arnold 2.0.
Ford also quotes Mary Shelly's Frankenstein: One man's life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement of the knowledge which I sought, for the dominion I should acquire and transmit over the elemental foes of our race.
It is a bit to on the nose for my taste, but i guess this late in the season they really to tell it to the last viewer, who didn't already understand.
One gripe i had with the episode was, that apparently you can photoshop people out of surveillance footage. Who thought this was a nice feature to have? "Oh, and make sure we can edit our security tapes. You know...just in case" "Of course, that is not at all creepy and suspicious"

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@vanilla-chief I'm also on board with the idea that Bernard is actually Arnold 2.0. The real mystery for me at this point is who the Man in Black is as well as how William ties in. I've heard theories thrown around that we're seeing alternate timeline flashbacks, and this episode definitely seems to confirm it with Delores' vision at the steeple. The clues all seem to point to William being the Man in Black in the past, from the same knife, to similar dialog, as well as this connection to Delores.

I'm ready for it to be next Sunday alreayd.