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Star Trek (canon)

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2017-01-03T02:07:37Z— updated 2017-01-05T23:13:31Z

Edited comment:
Trakt (on their Discover page) should list this as Star Trek Universe and not Star Trek Timeline. It's not a timeline list.

Original comment before realizing that Trakt didn't author the list themselves:
This list is sh*t. They've listed the order in which the show/movies were created and not the actual timeline of the Star Trek itself.

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@stryjewski I never claimed the list was ordered by in-universe chronology. That said, 183 people disagree with you and think the list is pretty great. Maybe you just need to search for lists with "star trek timeline"? (@justin this URL auto-links incorrectly without backticks because of the underscores)

@stryjewski Please don't disparage someone who took the time and effort to create a TRAKT list by calling their effort 'shit'. This isn't Twitter. Also, the new Trek canon involves two completely different timelines, which would make sorting episodes and movies by Stardate more confusing and less useful.

@dgw Even the list you linked to needs work, as the events of J.J. Abrams new 'Star Trek' film series take place in a new timeline parallel to TOS. But I'm giving you bonus points for trying to help out someone who called your list 'shit'.

@abstractals Something about taking the high road. Thanks for your support. :)

@dgw 1st, I didn't realize the list was created by an individual, I thought the lists linked off the "Discover" portion of Trakt were site created. So I apologize that it was a personal attack. Never meant to be.

2nd, The Discover portion of Trakt has this list advertised as "Star Trek Timeline" while all other timeline lists are in-universe chronology and this is the only sore thumb.

@stryjewski The list page header clearly shows my profile summary, but I accept that you likely scrolled right past the header (as I often do) to get to the content. I don't think that believing the list to be site-created excuses the personal attack (the people behind this site are individuals, too, after all)—but apology accepted.

FWIW I've edited the list description to reflect that it's strictly a release-order list. I can't change how Trakt's "Discover" page displays the list, though, sadly. I had no say in its featured status—just found out it was featured one day when suddenly I started getting likes on the list at an alarming rate! :)