Shout by Viktoria Liebold

Beauty and the Beast 2017

I can't understand why there's such a low rating from critics and stuff. What were they expecting??
The scenery, wardrobe, makeup, everything is so beautiful and colorful. I felt like I was watching a play, a musical, everything was amazing. Emma Watson was a great choice for Belle, Gaston was perfect, the Beast was lovely as expected (Dan Stevens is a great actor - I might think Gaston was a little bit better though) and you're there for Lumiére. He stole the show for me. Ewan McGregor proves again he's the best, most versatile actor ever.
It is exactly the same as the animation, just some changes. It was a great movie overall, I cried like a baby the whole time (favorite 'Disney Princess' tale right here).
I can't understand why people wouldn't like it.

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Just because you liked it, doesn't mean other people should like it. You are probably one of those people who liked movies about those gay vampires too.