Awesome. That was an incredibly well-directed episode. "It's a beautiful morning". Darkness all over but you can't lock it up, can you? It was amazing but that ending was just incredible. I'm not gonna talk about the ending now because, otherwise, this would be endless.

Stephen Amell is such a good damn actor. The way he said "would you just go, please" pierced my cold heart and broke it into pieces. You can tell how much he's in pain. Damn he's in pain, but mostly afraid. His breaking voice, his gestures, the way he talks, you can hear the pain in his voice. Never have I seen him so broken and beaten down. Seriously, Arrow is fucking killing it and so is Amell.

Slade: "I put you at the lowest point of your life, Oliver"
Adrian: hold my beer

Every single time I looked at Ollie in my mind he was wearing a label saying "Ollie broken, please fix". That was certainly heartbroken. The was he said "would you just go, please" at the beginning

It's so good to see Dig being the voice of reason again in the present time and Anatoly in the flashbacks. RIP Ollie and Anatoly's summer of love. I really like Anatoly, he's like a father figure. If someone hurts the KGbeast I swear I become ever more psycho than Chase. I guess now Team Arrow got undisbanded. I guess Anatoly has no more favourite Americans.

And Vigilante, fir a couple of weeks I've been thinking it's Paul. And I just found it curious Chase asked Curtiss about his husband. Shame we won't know his identity until season 6. That sucks.

That ending was one of the most badass scenes that I've ever seen. Man, Adrian is so goddamn.... He should never die. I'm gonna miss him so bad when he dies. He's fucking brilliant. He's a legit psychopath. And the badassery os Chase's scenes can't end. And Josh Segarra, he deserves award after award. He's such a goddamn actor.

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