Review by Aniela Krajewska

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5x18 Disbanded


Review by Aniela Krajewska
Spoilers2017-03-30T15:48:42Z— updated 2017-08-19T10:10:16Z

There are all kinds of villains. So many that I could probably spend the next hour trying to list them all. But by far the worst one is a smug motherfucker who taunts the heroes because he knows they can't do shit to him. I absolutely detest Adrian Chase, which, I suppose, is a complement to the writers. They've given us the most well-written, complex, unpredictable bad guy since Slade Wilson. That ending scene with Chase driving away with a bloody face and a happy song in the background was absolutely fantastic.

Season 5 in general has been a major improvement from the previous two. Everything's back on track now. This episode didn't really have any weak points. All the storylines worked very well, whether it was Oliver dealing with the fallout of Chase's torture, the team trying to carry on with their mission, the confrontation with Bratva or Felicity's more lighthearted, yet crucial to the plot Helix arc. I'm genuinely impressed.

There were a lot of little moments that I liked here, like Dinah bickering with Rene over who should be the new Diggle or sleep-deprived Felicity coming up with an insane plan of getting to Chase's scrambler. I also love Oliver and John's relationship and they had a lot of great scenes in this episode. I'm very excited to see how the rest of the season will play out.

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