Shout by Francisco

Arrival 2016

I love that feeling when I can see that the movie is going to be at least a great experience just after the first 10 minutes. You can see right from the start that everything was thought through carefully, every shot so well made, the cast is good, the atmosphere, the lighting and sound are top-notch and the premise a mystery. Arrival takes its time but is never boring.

As far as I know this story is adapted from a book and although Villaneuve didn't invent any of the twists or how the story was structured, he did an amazing job adapting it to the screen.

Arrival is a must-see in the sci-fi genre and one of the best movies I have seen, ever. If you are looking for an action film about aliens invading Earth, then forget it. This is a serious movie and revolves around science and philosophy. You can't really turn your brain off and enjoy it, you have to think and pay attention because every second matters and contributes to the overall experience.

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