Review by Corrupted Noobie

The Santa Clause 1994

The Santa Clause "trilogy" soon to be a quadrilogy, is a Christmas tradition to watch as it has become a classic. At least this first movie for some. It is a light-hearted comedy with a good sense of family humour and morals.

But it uses some crappy CGI for some scenes that keep it from being timeless and the fact that most 90s movies humour is usually restricted to those who only understand the time it was set in. Not allowing for full appreciation of the film and its interworkings. Tim Allen's performance is alright, to say the least, he didn't do it for me in the role of the big red jolly figure. But after having seen all the movies over every Christmas. It really is hard to imagine anyone else in the role of Santa. But it seemed he wanted to play the character well and that he did, just not as good as he could have been.

Another transformative story that pulls on your childhood and makes you happy all the time. Nothing really much to say. It's not great, but it has heart and will always be considered a classic to me and many others. Worth a watch if you haven't for some reason seen this well-crafted gift.

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